Do liberals use the race card as an answer to EVERYTHING?

Asked by: JustCheNo
  • It has worked.

    Its one of the tactics of Saul Alinskys Rules for Radicals to cast aspersions at your opponents to put them on the defensive. It worked for years because no decent conservative wants to be thought of as a racist. We were the party of Lincoln not Jefferson Davis a democrat.

  • Yes they do,

    It is getting really annoying to. I'm tired of hearing people pull the race card. The thing in Ferguson for example. That man ( yes man, not kid like they have been calling him.) got what was coming to him. If you try to grab a cops gun, you are going to get shot. You have the rioters and everyone saying " he shot him because he was black", yep, it had nothing to do with the fact he was grabbing for his gun. People need to realize something, other races were slaves and had things put against them. The Jews, the Egyptians, the Irish. In fact the Irish were lower then blacks were. Do you see Irish people going around pulling the race card?

  • The racist stick

    When liberals are challenged or cornered, they hit you with the racist stick . This is their way of disabling you, and throwing you off track. Because racism is what they are guilty of themselves, they project this on to their opponent hoping to diminish them. It's a defense mechanism.

  • Of course they do. Anyone with more than a baker’s dozen brain cells to rub together understands that liberal Demokrats love playing that race card.

    Do Liberals Use The Race Card As An Answer To EVERYTHING?

    Of course they do. Anyone with more than a baker’s dozen brain cells to rub together understands that liberal Demokrats love playing that race card.

    They play the race card for any number of reasons.  First and foremost, liberals use the race card to shut critics up.  They can not make a reasoned argument, backed with facts to support their claims. So they resort to calling their opponents names.

    The race card is also played by liberals to make those in the black community feel like white conservatives hate them.  Its brainwashing.  Its propaganda.  This is a political ploy by Demokrats to keep the allegiance of black voters. 
    And of course they also use the race card cover up their own racist viewpoints and to broadcast their own political correctness especially when are other people around.

    Think about these common examples that we see day in and day out...

    • If you're against illegal immigration. You're a racist.

    • If you believe that George Zimmerman had a right to defend himself, you're a racist.

    • If you're don't like Obama, you're a racist.

    • If you want voters to provide proof of their identity, you're a racist.

    • If you're against welfare, you're a racist

    • If you're against the Dream Act, you're a racist.

    • If you want budget cuts, you're a racist.

    • If you support Arizona enforcing immigration laws, you're a racist.

    * If you're against unions, you're a racist

    • If you're for the death penalty, you're a racist.

    * And of course the old standby. ALL members of the Tea Party are "racists"

  • "Playing the Race Card" is complete hypocrisy

    The only people complaining about the usage of the "race card" are those that have no empathy or have ever dealt with any hardship similar to what African Americans faced during segregation and slavery in this nation. When you say that phrase, you let yourself feel higher, mighter, and smarter than the person next to you just because of a different amount of pigment in your skin. You are no different than any other person in this country, so next time you want to say, "oh, he's playing the race card", walk a mile in that person's shoes.

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Bullish says2013-06-25T20:27:16.217
Here's a better question: Do conservatives feel threatened whenever someone uses logic? (Congratulations if you are smart enough to not take me seriously.)
JustCheNo says2013-06-25T21:33:57.817
We love logic. Unfortunately liberal are driven by emotion, never logic.