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  • In Art Everyone Wins

    I play music as a hobby. I don't want to feel like I'm being judged on something I do for fun. It's always fine to compare yourself to those who you think are better than you. If you get, Let's say, First place in a competition, That will probably make you feel like there's nothing to improve. If you're in a competition and you get in first place, Where there's just people below you, And none above, That might transmit you the wrong idea, Because there's always room for improvement.

    Take the example of jamming with your friends: sometimes that's a bigger competition than just playing music for trophies. . . With the difference that everyone wins.

  • Music is not a sport.

    Playing music for trophies is a way to kill someones joy and passion for music, This is often done by parents thinking that its good to force their child to play an instrument, Playing an instrument should be a child's initiative. Competitions are often just pouring salt in the wound.

  • No no no

    Do you like to play music for fun or for a stupid trophy i like to for fun not for a stupid trophy. No trophies is perfect. I don't like it when other kids are bad and get a stupid trophy the ones who are good should get one not the ones who are bad

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