• Lizard People do rule the world

    There is proof that lizard people rule the world, we have accounts all over the world describing them, the bible talks about the nephilim, and the quran talks about the djinn, we also have cave paintings of aliens, and the nazca lines and other anomalies prove an alien presence visited earth, and they are related to monarchs, who are related to the british royal family, who are related to the presidents, lizard people do rule the world, read David Icke for more info.

  • Of course we exist

    Of course we exist, and we are getting more bold about our domination, less and less we need to hide it, and in time, we will come forth completely to show the world our true colors and dominate the soft-skins, that being said, I may not have much authority being one of the scaled myself, but your day is coming soon, humans, if you obey us, and do as your told when the time comes, you will not be harmed, and you can live a good life as our servants, and even pets for those lucky enough.

  • There is no Debate

    Of course. Secretly, they watch our every move. They see you tending to your baby, they see the milk you left out last night that spoiled and stinks up your house, they see your sprained ankle as a weak point that they will exploit, they see us developing technology, they see the government organization that secretly tries to eradicate their very existence. They know all. They are everywhere, yet nowhere. I for one, embrace our scaly overlords, and offer myself as a slave to the clearly superior race that will undoubtedly wreak revenge during their judgement day.

  • I am a lizard man!!!

    We do exist. We have existed since time immemorial. Deny the truth all you want. Or accept it. It makes no difference to us. Kss kekekekkekekee!! *lizardman laugh* We have only allowed your puny civilization to grow so that your species will be all the fatter for when we inevitably slaughter you. Our mountain located in the deepest mountain caves of the Himalayas are impregnable. I share the location with you because there is nothing you or your armies can do about it. Despair at your impotence puny manlings!!

  • Yes we do exist

    I'm half bigfoot and reptilian. I love humans , so once they shed thier soft skin I will save the human race. I will eat them like a slim jim with louisiana hot sauce. All i need is bud light to complete my conquest. Worry not I will save you and your familes from thier rule.

  • Lizards are lads

    Hitler told me and hitler is alwazz right. Lizards did nufn, dey waz good ay. Dey pruvided da dank kush to all da kiddies, bt not da bad kidz coz dey anoyin af nd da dank kush lizard kingz told me 2 pimp slap da hell outa dem #Kinggizardandthelizardwizard #yolo

  • Lizard people rule.

    Wake up america, lizard people rule the world. Obama? Lizard. The queen? Lizard!
    They just want us to be their slaves.
    The only people they bend to is the Illuminati.
    Also bush did 9/11 and jet file can't melt steel beams.
    Basically we are ruled by lizard people ruled by the Illuminati, ruled by steal beams ruled by jet fule.

  • Yes, they are real!

    They are real. They are monsters and are planning an attack to kill you and your family. My friends and I identified 3 lizards so far. And we have saved many lives in doing so. If that isn't enough, I don't know what is. Be aware people of the lizards! Don't let them trick you.

  • Look Out, Look Out there are Lizard People about!!!

    It's clear that we are rule by lizard people, how else do you explain the rubbishness that is modern government and the growing unsociable people of today's society, soon without a doubt our reptile overlords will rise and lock us in glass cages like we have done to them for so many years.

  • I am pregnant

    I am pregnant with reptilian babies, not sure which reptilian decided that I would be the best incubator for the next generation of our lizard overlords. They are taking a toll on my body but hopefully after this I will be elevated to a higher social status in the secret society because of my loyalty.

  • Please tell me this is a troll question.

    The fact that people exist who seriously BELIEVE in this nonsense just baffles me. Reptilians? REally? Are they in league with the fairies? How about the leprechauns? And whatever shall we do when they make a peace treaty with Santa Claus, allowing them to spread mind control devices in our Christmas toys?


  • What a Joke!

    I'm seriously laughing! Lizard people? This isn't The Amazing Spider-Man guys, that stuff isn't real. What a joke. If you try to convince me with videos like "Obama's shape-shifting agent" or whatever, just remember: technology can EDIT videos to look like whatever the heck they want it lo look like.

  • Lizard people? Really?

    This is utterly preposterous. I am immensely tired of these joke opinions. All the evidence shows that cats are the true rulers of the world. Think about it: dogs have been used for hunting, so it is natural we would keep them around. What do cats do? They eat, sleep, puke, and scratch everything. Why do we keep them around then? The answer is obvious. Using their cat-powers, they have put subtle influences in our minds, urging us to love and adore cats. The Egyptians were the first to be put under influence, although cats have since taken a less direct approach than pure worship. Sure, it may SEEM as if lizardmen rule the world, but it is as if the lizardmen are the puppeteers, and we their puppets. The cats, however, are the puppeteers of the lizards, which turned out to be really big and complicated puppets. The fact that cats can control a puppet that's controlling a puppet (especially with paws) speaks volumes of their natural skill.
    I rest my case.

  • Is this even a question?

    This sounds like an episode I once watched on Doctor Who, where there were people who were lizard people living underground. Like, seriously, people, why? This is like saying unicorns exist just because there are drawings of them. If there were, we would have found them by now, since they allegedly are an intelligent, large species who live on land. There is no proof of lizard people whatsoever, and until there is, there are no lizard people!

  • Where's your Proof?

    There is not a single proof to show that lizard people exist. Although the concept of Lizard People is quite cool in the science fiction context, unfortunately there isn't a single proof that such beings exist.

    Even if the so called Lizard People exist, how are they ruling world? So spewing assumptions and back it up with facts

  • Lizard people do not rule the world

    I can say for a definite fact that lizard people do not rule the world. The reason I can say this is because I know that there are no such things as lizard people. If there were I am sure that it would have been brought to our attention by now and there would riots in the streets from the terror of such a thing existing.

  • Are you kidding?

    What proof do you have that lizard people exist? "The Bible claims they do" You all know how metaphorical the Bible is. "There are videos of people's second eyelid" That's light being reflected off their eye. The theory is stupid and I don't have a clue why people actually believe in it.


    It's all a big fat media conspiracy, even the media admits it in South Park. Reptile People are fictional, Just like the Aryan Race. Now however there may be Aliens, there may not be Aliens. We don't know. I my self don't believe it's real. I think the Liberals use stuff like "the evil Zionist,Illuminati, or Lizard people run the world" it's wrong. Who runs the world? The people with the best knowledge. So my answer, no Lizard people are fake. Now however I think it is symbolic for Jews. Jews aren't aliens and most Jews are good people. But there's a small group of Jewish Elites who practice a Rabbinic Cult called Talmudism. They create fictional groups like the Illuminati,Aliens, and Zionist to hide the truth from who really runs the world; the Rabbinic Cult. When they mean shape shifter they talk about how Jews shift positions 24/7. FYI 9/11 and other Illuminati theories are controlled by the Ravbinic Elites to trick those morons into believeing that to put the heat off them.
    Countries who aren't controlled are Syria & Russia.

  • Because people who believe in Lizards have too much time on their hands.

    Men, generally, sitting alone in their rooms and wondering why they are failures. Answer: it must be lizards! Or, some other crazy religious belief which supports their inadequacies. Really, people, get a grip or a job or a family and then you won't have time for this nonsense. Thank you.

  • Really? This is ludicrous.

    I'm not denying the possibility that a genetic mutation may cause someone to have LIZARD LIKE qualities, such as split tongue or strange eyes. But come on. To believe all this is ludicrous. It's a simple minded theory and one that's been disproven many times over. Unless you give me cited and reliable proof, my answer remains the same. This is ridiculous.

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