• Immigrant empowerment from financial aid

    This country was established by immigrants. Most immigrated here to find a better life and obtain more socioeconomic freedom then their country of origins offered. Although many were agriculturalists in the beginning, as the growth of capitalism commenced, so did the need for funding of capital ventures. Just as during the early years of the United States, immigrant entrepreneurs can remake, establish, and empower themselves through financial assistance, otherwise known as opportunity.

  • Yes , the affective funding programe can empower immigrant entrepreneurs

    Yes, for sure when you start up the business , you will think about business plan and financial statement, as immigrant entrepreneurs is really great time to have support from funding program to support our business and grow that business. I can guess for each immigrant doesn't have equity like local citizen to able load capital for their business.

  • Our Country Was Built By Immigrants

    In the continuing argument about immigration, it is always mentioned that immigrants built the country. This is often said because it is true. Additionally, small business is the driver of the economy, so naturally, loans to immigrant entrepreneurs to start businesses can only benefit the economy and the country. Empowering immigrants is a sure way for a country to grow and prosper.

  • No, loans do not empower immigrant entrepreneurs

    Whether or not someone receives a loan to start a business or not, entrepreneurship begins with the motivation and passion of the individual. Getting a loan in a foreign country is typically not easy and most start-up enterprises begin with personal funds and family offerings. I think once a company is going and the immigrant has established residency legally in the country they are doing business, the loan would act as an extension of business growth.

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