• Of course, do longer vacations help us to have a better mental health.

    Today, the life of people became more stressful. You have to study, you have to work, you have to stay with your family, you have to do homework, the traffic in the city, the insecurity, the city is crowded, the noise, the problems you have among other things that concern us and overwhelm us daily, therefore we should take a long vacations and forget of all your problems, relax, take a rest and meditate. The body deserves a break and you will be happy and more energetic.

  • yes they do

    Longer vacations will help people unwind from the work grind. The stress of working hard all the time can melt anyones fuse right down. If people had more time to be themselves and not worry so much at work all the time, take a few more days off, we would see some happy people

  • Longer vacations equal saner lives

    Longer vacations equal saner lives. This is because constantly being at work mentally cause brain strain and stress. Left without a break, people can have nervous breakdowns as well as emotional problems in their lives. This can wreck lives in the short-term. Just taking a vacation for a little longer helps people recuperate.

  • Yes they do

    Longer vacations equate to better mental health as people would feel more relaxed and rested by having more time off work. Stress levels would reduce as there would be more down time and more time to spend having fun with their families which is a great boost for your mind and mood

  • Yes. Longer vacations equate to better mental health.

    If you go on vacation to relax, that's what you expect to do. If you are only going somewhere for a few days, you spend most of the time traveling to your destination, checking into your hotel and then trying to navigate your way around a new place. Before you know it, your vacation is over and you've spent little to no time relaxing. If vacations were longer, people would have more time to spend really relaxing and clearing their minds of their worries.

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