Do Lutherans and the KKK have a sense of entitlement?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The biggest religion with it and the KKK is the biggest organization

    Unlike the Fascists, I definitely believe these 2 organizations are the biggest sense of entitlement organizations. Lutherans believe they are the only religion that should have rights to land and housing and jobs. And the same with the KKK. Not all Lutherans think like this, but a lot of them do.

  • WHAT??????? Where does this argument come from?!?!?

    Are you suggesting a bond between Lutherans and the Klan, Historically, no such bonds exists. The Klan was a fraternal organization, with roots in freemasonry. Lutherans were forbidden from joining such organizations. The Klan is virulently anti-immigrant. Lutheranism is the one Protestant branch that was heavily immigrant. Many did not speak English well into the 20th Century. They did not represent fertile ground for nativist Klan recruitment. The Klan favored prohibition. German Lutherans certainly did not.

    The other part of your argument seems to suggest the Lutherans have a sense of entitlement. I've been a Lutheran for 56 years and this is a new one on me. Lutherans have a strong work ethic, they eschew politics and make few demands on the public largess. Where did you come up with this idea?!?!?

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