Do Mac owners need Norton AntiVirus or similar antivirus software?

  • Macs aint immune

    There are still viruses even for macs, dmg coding is harder, but still can be hacked. Nothing is immune. Even phones can get hit. There is a virus locking computers by saying you have committed a crime and the only way to get out is to pay with a money pak card or something.

  • Yes, Mac users aren't immune from viruses and other malware.

    Yes, Mac users do need to install antivirus software, such as Norton AntiVirus or a comparable product, particularly if their Mac computer is connected to the internet or otherwise shares files with other computers. The existence of viruses and malware is now common knowledge, and most computer users know that they put their computer and its data at risk by not installing antivirus software. In the past, virus and malware developers focused almost exclusively on Windows-based programs, and it was once believed that Mac users were safe from attack because of this fact. However, as the number of Mac users has increased dramatically over the past few years, malicious software coders have realized that they will miss an ever-larger segment of potential targets if they do not write programs that can be recognized and executed by Mac OS.

  • Mac owners need antivirus software.

    Even though Apple computers are less susceptible to viruses than Windows based computers, their owners should still have some protection. It is better to be safe than sorry. As Apple computers become more popular, hackers are learning to exploit them more and more. It is necessary for everyone to be careful.

  • Macs need antiviruses.

    It is largely a myth that apple products can't be hacked into or get viruses. But this couldn't be any farther from the truth. I have owned two iphones and both of them have gotten viruses. My brother has a mac laptop, and he has had viruses on his computer. They do need an antivirus.

  • No, Mac owners do not need Norton AntiVirus or any other virus software.

    Creating viruses and malware is a means for crooks and hackers to make money. The largest market for that is Windows based computers, simply because they make up the majority of computers people use. Hackers and other people trying to harm computers would not make much money off of Macs. There are very few known types of malware that can infect a Mac.

  • Macs don't need that stuff.

    I really don't see a reason for Mac owners to use Norton AntiVirus or similar antivirus software. I used various Apple Macintosh computers from 1987 - 2011 and never needed any kind of security software like that. I still occasionally use a Mac, and to this day I've never had a single incident.

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