• Yes, to an extent.

    Machines themselves or by themselves can not and do not rule the world, but with how much people have come to rely on them they do. We need machines for even the most basic parts of our lives, it has taken over a majority of how we live and how we go about our days.

  • Machine do not Rule the world

    We are inventor of machines. It control by us only.
    Without human interaction factories are just a museum of machines.
    Without machine men can live in the world but without human machine can't able to work that self.
    Machine are doing simplifying the men work
    Men are control machine how they want.
    So still humans are the ruler

  • No, humans control machines.

    No, machines do not rule the world, because humans invented machines, and still control. Machines are not human. Without a human element, machines cannot control things. Machines are just instruments that do things. Machines are not human. They are inoperable. Humans still make and control machines. They are in control.

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