Do magazine advertisements send unhealthy signals to young women?

  • Skinny does not = healthy

    Many people think that in order to be healthy, you must be skinny. That is not true. You don't have to be skinny to be healthy. By putting stick thin women on the covers little girls grow up thinking that if they want to be happy, healthy, and popular they have to be skinny.

  • They provide unrealistic standards

    Everyone has a different body type. Not everyone can look like a supermodel. Recently, my younger sibling told me that she was fat and complained about not having a "skinny" waist. She brought me a Victoria's Secret catalog that she'd been looking at. She is in no way "fat", but these magazines that she looks at daily have been making her have unrealistic expectations on how her body "should" look. Why can't the magazine editors include normal figured girls?

  • I'm a victim of it.

    I hate my body do to the fact that society thinks women should be a size 0-6 & not say 12- 14 or 16- 18. Society tells you to be yourself and then judges you for it. You don't have to be a size 0 t be beautiful. Just because you think she's beautiful on the outside doesn't mean she beautiful on the inside. And just because you don't think she's beautiful on the outside doesn't mean she's not beautiful on the inside. Some are both. In both ways. Sorry if none of this makes sense.

  • I'm a victim of it.

    Just because I'm not a size 0 doesnt mean im a beautiful I personally hate myself because of what society thinks. There are so many other women / girls out there who do too because of what society thinks. Its not fair. Women should be beautiful no matter what their size is. But if you're not happy with your body help yourself so you can love yourself. That's what I'm trying to do. Sorry if none of this makes sense.

  • Magazine advertisements promote unhealthy and unrealistic body images.

    Thanks to the prevalence of pop culture in the United States, young women are constantly presented with atypical images of the female form. Actresses and media figures who are unnaturally thin or who can afford expensive personal trainers or extensive plastic surgery are presented as "natural" beauties. The average woman in the United States is a size 14. The average model is considered fat if she reaches a size 4. That alone supports the idea of extremely unrealistic body images.

  • Impossible to Achieve!

    I believe that is does give an unhealthy message because the image women see on TV and magazines are almost impossible o achieve. People try and try to lose weight and lose more weight and they end up having eating disorders trying to achieve the look of a model or actress. Though modes and actresses are skinny, they are unhealthily which means young women are trying to achieve something that the human body was not meant to do.

  • Skinny does not equal Pretty

    Magazines are persuading women around the world to try things that the human body is not able to achieve. Your body will never look the way you want it to especially if you are constantaly hating your body. The people in the magazines are fake. You are who you are and you dont need to look like a model to live a full and happy life.

  • Be Happy With Yourself

    " fat isn't attractive". Just because some people aren't size 0 doesn't mean they are fat! Everyone is built differently, it's not peoples fault that they have a bigger build than other people. But what do looks matter? People should be looking for personality and not for looks. We're all just skeletons underneath :)

  • Take it as an inspiration?!?! NO!

    MAYBE YOU'RE THE LAZY ONE! Not only are the women in those magazines STARVING THEMSELVES, but they TAKE PILLS, and whats even worse? The Magazine Companies PHOTOSHOP the photos that are taken of the ALREADY SKINNY women. And because young women Idolize these women in magazines, more often than not, want to be just like them. Sometimes they think that's what everyone is doing, and can't find their voice to speak up. They're too scared of what others will think of them. How do I know this? I am a model, I live through that. I DO NOT TAKE PILLS OR STARVE MYSELF, I AM A SIZE 11. Laugh if you will, Call me Fat, Go on, I DARE you. I DEMAND that the Photos taken of me are not Photo shopped, so that I can show EVERYONE who I really am, And that you DO NOT have to STARVE yourself or TAKE PILLS, to be BEAUTIFUL. THAT. Should be an 'INSPIRATION.' What you say? May be true for some girls, But the MAJORITY of them? NO. YOU, PERSON ARE THE LAZY ONE. TAKE TIME TO ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT THE REST OF THEM, WHAT THEY GO THROUGH. That was very INCONSIDERATE of you to say such a HORRIBLE thing. GROW UP. SHAME ON YOU.

  • Not a good example for young women

    Young women are influenced evryday by this stuff and they think they need to look like that. Its been a struggle for my daughter with how she looks and its hard for me to see her so upset she really is a pretty, thin girl but she does not believe me and she says shes fat ugly and doesnt fit in. One day i walked into her room with her crying and staring at a magazine and saying that she is ugly and fat thanks to those stupid magazines.......

  • They should take it as inspiration

    No how could it send unhealthy messages to girls? The girls idolize these women and the women obviously take care of themselves. That is a positive message to send to girls. Now girls shouldn't starve themselves to look like the women on the covers but rather it could motivate the girls to get in shape. They don't need to be saying it makes me feel horrible that I don't look like them, because it's a fixable problem the girls today are just lazy and want people to say that fat is healthy when it's not! They just want a reason to justify their laziness!

  • Keep it away from your daughter if you don't want them to see it

    They don't send any signals at all. It's just a photo. What is it going to do? To me, It doesn't seem like it has a positive or negative effect. For teenage women, Why did their parents let them have these magazines anyway? For women in their 20s, Who cares? Why care what they do? They're adults and aren't harming anyone. The fact that I'm in the minority opinion in this makes me worry for humanity.

  • Why would it be

    These people are looked up to an have a goal set for good not bad and these people do watch their weight. Its not like they're being forced to lose more than the healthy amount of weight. If they were than whoever told them to do that unless it was themselves can get into serious trouble.

  • They don't give unhealthy signals

    They don't give unhealthy signals because the shouldn't take everything to the heart. Maybe the people in that magazine have plastic surgery and don't actually look like that. They can keep the women fit and not unhealthy because they want to be the people in the magazine. They aren't that bad after all.

  • I strongle disagree

    I absolutely disagree that magazine advertisement sends unhealthy signal to young women because it gives inspiration to young women,they are tips and tricks and could turn young women into beautiful models.Here are top three main reasons why I disagree that magazine advertisement sends unhealthy signal to young women.

    To begin with, you don’t always have to compare yourself, you can take as an inspiration to make yourself look like that.For example if you saw a really skinny women on your favourite magazine don’t compare yourself, just take it as inspiration and try doing some simple workouts to look like her.Don’t compare just inspire. Inspiration motivates to do something more and healthy.

    Additionally, magazines have clever tips and tricks to make life easier for us to proceed.Imagine your life without using any tricks or tips?Its going to be hard for me since I use lots of tricks in my laptop.Tips and tricks are last minute time and money savers for those who are lazy.For example it halloween you have no costume,looking at different magazines gives you lots of ideas and using one of those suggestions saves time and money saving.

    Furthermore, there are more than hundredths of models produced everyday in the world because of advertisement.Women who want to became models see magazines everyday because they want improve themselves to look more prettier and skinnier just like the models.So young women can turn into models and make lots of money on advertising.

    Therefore, I absolutely disagree that magazine advertisement sends unhealthy signal to young women as shown in my argument because it gives inspiration to young women,they are tips and tricks and could turn young women into beautiful models.

  • No they do no not send unhealthy messages to young women for multiple reasons.

    As a female that reads these magazines I know for a fact that they do not. They actually can help women. They can help keep them fit, eat healthy, and help them set up goals. Young women see these pretty fit models and say "hey, I want to look like her." and they can choose two ways to do that, the healthy way or the dangerous unhealthy way. But if they choose the healthy way yes it will take time but eventually they will get there and they will be happy with their body. They also show healthy food that looks delicious in these ads and it encourages them to go out and buy the ingredients to make these healthy meals. They also encourage young women to workout and stay fit and healthy which is a good thing that everyone wants. These are only a few ways and there are many more out there.

  • I hte looking at nice bobs bc i will never be like that nd i dont ned to know it!

    Ok im done byeeee whhyy do i need so many words its not fair just like the ads you bums jk you guys are awesome but still let me goooooooooooooo please? Why so many words holy! Ok fine im lmost done! Lol lol lol lol lol ll lol lol lol lol

  • Being big is NOT OKAY

    Many people say that magazines are sending the wrong message to teenagers, but they are just promoting a health lifestyle. Many are now promoting thay being big is okay, but in reality it isnt. Being big means that you don't have a healthy life. You are endangering your health and have risks for obesity and diabetes along with heart and organ failure. BEING BIG IS THE SAME AS BEING OBESE, AND WE NEED TO STOP OBESITY!!

  • How does it make them unhealthy?

    You don not have to take it that way you can also take it as an inspiration to make yourself look like that. It did for me i went to the gym evryday for a year and i lost 55 pounds and i am still going to the gym thanks to one of those "unhealthy" magazines....

  • People take what they want from the media

    They don't have to take take to heart what they see. They can chose what their opinions are and what they do and don't think is attractive. It's not being shoved down their throat; it's just there. No one's asking them to even buy the magazine the images are in!

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