• Affects us all. Teenage girls most I would say.

    John Butler Trio wrote a song about it. "To Look Like You" That about sums it all up. Glamour glitz and other garbage pollute those young minds. Not sure why the females are more influenced by it but it affects us all in one way or another. Hasn't someone produced a study backing this up yet?

  • Magazines can lead to eating disorders.

    Magazines have a great impact on girls. Girls look at the air brushed images of these models and thing that is what they should look like as well. Young girls beat themselves up because they are not as beautiful as these professional models. This can lead to depression as well as eating disorders.

  • All Media Affects Girls

    All sorts of media has an effect on young girls. It's true for social media, and its true for magazines. The cover shots and the content have a way of influencing the developing mind set of young women. However, the effects and the impact will largely differ based on personality of each girl reading.

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