• Major stadium music event ticket prices are out of control.

    It used to be going to a concert or music event was an inexpensive way of gathering with friends to enjoy live music and revelry.. Today, major stadium music events are charging prices that severely restrict who can attend these events. This over-pricing is making music events and major stadium concerts out of reach for most people.

  • Too much money

    Most of us want to see the music . But it costs over 199 dollars .I mean like I'm a music fan,but I don't have that much money.So we have to watch our favorite bands on tv instead of seeing them in real life.My favorite band is imagon dragons.I love them.

  • No, major stadium events do not charge too much for tickets.

    Events at major stadiums are able to charge what the general public is willing to pay. It is supply and demand. They aren't charging too much if the general public are willing to pay it. People realize that there are huge costs associated with stadium events and the experience that goes with it, and they are willing to pay. The charge for tickets is currently not too high.

  • The price is set by supply and demand.

    While it is galling to some, there are many people available who will pay large fees to watch a band play at a stadium gig. In fact, there is an argument that the tickets are under-priced, as tickets sold on the black market are generally at an inflated rate and it is rare for them to remain unsold.

  • Music events charge the right price

    Some may complain about the high price of stadium events, but they are priced accordingly, otherwise people would never attend. If they price their concert too low, then the tickets will show up on ebay or stub hub and have someone else take that extra profit. Let the musicians reep the benefits.

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