Do male and female "models" play a useful role in modern society?

  • Model are simply projections of our society and culture, therefore have a useful, self-awareness role.

    Fashion is a reflection of our times, our interests, and our culture. Fashion is thus projected onto models, who's job is to display a certain vision a creative mind such as a designer or stylist has. There are many factors, including those of the mainstream public, that influence what "look" is popular. The androgynous look seen by many models today, for example Daria Werbowy or Andrej Pejic, is simply an extension of the gender equality movement. Plus size modeling is a huge and growing industry in itself now, and plus size models can be seen in advertisements, billboards, commercials, and runway shows. This trend, again, is a reflection of the obesity epidemic which is an increasing problem in the United States and many other countries in the world. I think now more than ever, we see a wide range of models, from blonde, boney, and wafer-thin girls who fulfill one designers vision, to full-figured Latina girls who fulfill another's. And these variations, these many different visions and many different styles which are alternately popular, reflect our new individualistic perspectives on ourselves, our ever-changing moods and opinions and preferences. Our constant need for change and stimulation. Whether you admit to it or not, fashion plays a big part in shaping society and our lives. Models help the fashion industry project their visions so these ideas can be interpreted by the mass public.

  • I do think that models have a place in society, and that that is evident by their high level of celebrity.

    While fashion models certainly are not role models, they do have a valid place in our consumer-driven society. Everyone likes to look at attractive people, and fashion is best presented on the people that make it look as good as possible. So, having beautiful models is a necessity in those capacities.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • I believe male and female models play a useful role in society because they make household names out of many people and products that we wouldn't know about or experiment with otherwise.

    Male and female models give us ideas as to what is "in" and what isn't. We look to them for how to dress, act, and what we as consumers do on a daily basis. Without them, we would still form a way in which we would look to a source for that type of information. Someone will always step up to be the "leader", or the someone that a person would look to for that type of information. Models give us dreams, good feelings, and make us strive to work harder to achieve those goals. Of course there are negative sides to this issue, but the positive far outweighs the negative.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • Female have taken place in all area and development where male use to play and participate before.

    Either female Cricket or Football games are the best example in that case to find out where female stands in today's time and how good they prove themselves. In modern society development female participants have played noticeable role not only in our development but for our growth. They have proven themselves with their hard work and stand in today's modern society.

    Posted by: R04chSig
  • Although modeling isn't a career I would want my child to aspire to, there is a place for it.

    Models are necessary, because somebody has to wear the clothes in the catalogs! Many people don't take the modeling career seriously, because it doesn't take a brainiac to be a model. But fashion, especially designer runway fashion, is an art form, and a lot of people are interested in that. Da Vinci and Michelangelo used models for their paintings and sculptures. If someone happens to be born with the right kind of look, there's nothing wrong with making a living as a model.

    Posted by: N Schroeder 60
  • Male and female models still play a useful role in modern society because there are some gender differences.

    Male and female models still play a useful role in modern society because there are some gender differences. Those differences shouldn't be used as excuses for discrimination or sexism, but positive role models for anyone are a good idea. There is no harm in having someone good to emulate and look up to.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • I do feel that models have a role in society, they aid in the marketing of fashion.

    Fashion is a very lucrative industry and models serve as living breathing hangers. You need models to show how clothes move and look on a body. Fashion wouldst be interesting if it was only in stores. We are in a society that spends a lot of money on beauty and models help to advertise for a large part of that. When business succeeds the economy succeeds. They actual do serve purpose and aren't just fun to watch.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • I believe it helps the consumer to evaluate a product or series of products when comparing the usage by both male and female.

    I think it helps for consumers to be able to see how both males and females use a specific product. When it comes to clothing, obviously both male and female models need to be available to display the various clothing styles. When it comes to actual necessities and items, it becomes key to be able to evaluate the benefits that item provides to both the male and female. So yes, I believe both male and female models are useful within society because they allow for a comparison and evaluation to take place between both sexes with regards to almost every type of item there may be.

    Posted by: LeticiaR
  • They increase pretty demand, thus ushering in more tax income.

    Despite the less usefulness to people they do improve the economics of other things they adorn, so in argument they are useful to modern day societies because they issue out more taxable income from the companies. Spend more on luxuries, and even local clinics when they go anorexic (not kidding). So in the scheme of things yes, they are useful, if not in a strait forward way.

    Posted by: Bear
  • Male and female models play a useful role in modern society by providing a canvas to display various consumer products.

    Models play an important role in the marketing and promotion of a broad array of consumer goods ranging from lingerie to cars. Models are a blank canvas, all be they attractive, to display and entice us to spend. They are no more, certainly not role models our young men and women should aspire to emulate.

    Posted by: R3n5God2iIIa
  • Eh not useful

    Honestly the only argument on the YES side is that they increase demand which is not necessarily true. Models exist because mannequins cannot walk down a runway. I mean it is a job so whatver do you boo but if all the models disappeared tomorrow it would not affect the world.

  • Being a Model means that you are a Doll-beings not Human-being.

    Using our body for others benefit; What a pity!
    Our body is not a tool to be used in a marketing cycle; But it's a gift from God to used for helping others as well as ourselves. Reviewing modeling hints in related sites, shows that models are Good for this industry as long as their body is in shape. So, your body is your cost not yourself.

  • Modeling as a profession means you are earning money for doing nothing.

    Modeling as a profession means you are earning money for doing nothing. Though to sell the products you need a model but that can be served by other things.A movie artist can also be used as a model and seems like an additional work for them. Only doing modeling is really useless. Models like a show doll and have nothing to explore in their life. Being a human live like a show piece is pity. Whatever is making money, isn't useful.

  • Models do not have any purpose in society.

    My question is: Why are teenage girls and some boys striving to look, be and feel skinny just like how the models look in their photos when 9 out of ten times the pictures of models are photoshopped nor even real? Tv shows, commercials, ads, and Victoria's secret fashion shows are shoved down teenage girls throats and what positive affect does it have? Teenagers and even adults struggling with weight who see these ads may feel insecure, lose confidence, and start going on a "diet", or in other words, stop eating or doing absolutely any stupid thing to lose weight. I recently watched a video on the process of a photoshoot and what the camera man does to get that perfect model shot when really, the photo is all done on the computer to make the model have perfect skin (changing their skintone), makeup (pounds of it), hair (uses hair extensions), and last but not least the perfect body. They completely change the look of how big the models stomach or how long and thin her legs are in the picture when its completely blocking reality from the way the human body should and is supposed to be. In other words, why do teenage girls struggle to look like these models when none of it is real?

  • NO, modelling is useless

    Modeling is what i call a "luxury job". It provides no real purpose and does not benefit America. It is purely entertainment. It is simple and easy and it pays tremendously well, while people doing useful jobs like linemen and police officers make little money yet perform a very useful job. Imagine America without police officers, now imagine america without models. Which would you rather live in?

  • I think there are not a useful model

    Many young people try to copy this style and it doesn´t have any benefice for the health. Some of the people who try to follow this style get sick or dead. The mass media shows this kind of model to create an advertising image, many of this models has serious health problems, they are anorexic or bulimic.

  • Models do nothing to contribute to the progress of society.

    What is a model? A model is a sales tool. The model is not even an artist, as there are a people manipulating, directing, and sculpting the model behind the scenes. The models themselves are simply a manifestation of the input of all these backstage people (photographers, hair and make-ups artists, designers, editors, etc.) Unfortunately, while they are all beautiful, they really don't help further society in any way like a scientist or even maintain people's lives like an accountant or grocer. I wouldn't even consider them a form of entertainment (i.e. Football) that people can use. The only purpose they serve to society as a whole is as an ideal to strive for, and unfortunately they are a mostly negative one.

  • Overpaid, Over Marketed, Totally Unnecesary

    People with more money than brains are apt to buy items that provide no more value than a moderately priced brand simply because they can. Drape a Rolex on the arm of a sofa instead of a beautiful model, they'll buy it. Only people who get so absorbed in celebrity will pay any attention to a model and be swayed to make purchases because some overpaid, attractive person tells them they need that item. Does a Timex tell time? You bet it does! So you can afford a pricier model? Buy a Kobold. It's made in America.

  • I believe male and female models are useless in our society as they are not contributing to any cause.

    All models do is display new clothing and yes, they may of help sell a certain product,there are other alternatives. Furthermore, the modelling industry can affect people emotionally as well such as lowering their self-esteem as models are said to be 'beautiful'. However I do not believe that a career should be based on how 'attractive' a person looks. Careers should be based on people's talents and looking pretty is not a talent in this world. Therefore, models do not play a useful role in our society

  • Models are usually beautiful people, used to sell a product, and they do not really play a useful role.

    While the fashion industry, and many other industries, rely on the use of models and modeling, as a profession, I do not think it is a useful profession. Most models have an unobtainable look and body, and can make people feel like crud about themselves, as opposed to successfully selling a product or service. I think products should rely on their own usefulness or beauty, not on having it displayed on a beautiful person, trying to sell it.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47

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