• Mandatory minimums policies require a shift.

    Mandatory minimums policies require a shift. It is about time that we finally review and change
    these racist laws which have been used to put thousands of people of color in
    prison for decades. Mandatory minimums
    are a bad idea. Each and every case
    should be judged on an independent basis.

  • Some Convicts Get Off Too Easily

    Mandatory minimum sentences for convicts should move upward because some hardened criminals get off too easily. Because of jail overcrowding in America, prisoners often get released early either on parole or for good behavior in order to make room for other criminals. We need two things to happen--either the United States needs to decriminalize drug use or expand jails. It's going to be easier to decriminalize drug use and legalize pot to make it easier on the criminal justice system.

  • Mandatory minimums policies do not require a shift.

    Mandatory minimums policies do not require a shift. Without a mandatory minimum then there would be a lot more criminals out there among us. Mandatory minimum ensures that we do not have any bias about a situation. If they did the crime then they should do the time no matter how rich or wealthy they are.

  • No, mandatory minimum policies are a good thing.

    Mandatory minimum policies are a great thing. They mandate a penalty based on a crime. This is good because it keeps human bias out of the equation. The recent case where a teen was let off with no jail time because he was born rich could not have happened if there was a mandatory minimum.

  • Mandatory Minimums are Okay

    Without a doubt, mandatory minimum policies don't require a shift. They work well in various capacities and industries today. Companies and individuals alike can use such policies to their advantage and protect themselves from losses. With that in mind, mandatory minimums should not be modified at this moment in time.

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