Do Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws Infringe on Minors' Rights and Endanger Their Health?

  • The Law Does Infringe On Minors Rights

    I am formulating this argument based upon the United States Constitution:

    First off I would like to know why there is not a maturity test for minors. Lets say I wanted to open my own bank account could I provide proof of fiscal responsibility to qualify and wouldn't this be better than parental involvement.

    I can say that right now my parents are impeding my rights to "life liberty and the pursuit of happiness". I am saying this strictly according to the issue of investments which I would like to make and my parents prevent me from doing. I am worth roughly 14,000$ as I have worked very hard as a salesman for a sailing company over the last 2.5 years. I firmly believe that the absolute best thing to do for the "pursuit of happiness" would be to invest the money which I earned myself into the stock market. My parents have only allowed me to invest roughly 500$ when I could invest quite a bit more. Now lets say I invest in a stock and it yields 10% a year guaranteed a relatively strong investment. Now that 500$ I invested 20 years ago has grown to a 33,363% nest egg for retirement now lets do the math if I were to invest 10,000$ for twenty years at 10% yield the total is 67,274 and earns me 6.7K a year. Now I understand that this may be outside the context of minors rights however I do vehemently believe that I should have my constitutional right to the "pursuit of happiness". That and the fact that my parents have refused to speak with any kind of financial advisor with me regarding the large sum of money I have greatly detriments my future financial well being. In my specific situation my parents involvement in my own finances has put me at an immense disadvantage. I do recognize and immensely appreciate all of the things my parents have given me from a chance at college to food on the table but I do believe that in my particular case their required involvement in my own finances has put me at an incredible disadvantage.

  • No it does not.

    In general, mandatory parental involvement laws do not infringe on a minors' rights nor endanger their health. I believe that if a person who is underage goes to have an abortion, and their health is being severely threatened, the abortion will be performed regardless of whether the parents consent. In all other cases, the parents should have say in what their minor child does.

  • No, these laws do not infringe on any rights.

    Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws do not infringe on Minor's Rights because minors are not yet mature enough to make all decisions and parents must therefore make some decisions for their children. If Minor's rights are being violated, social services will make sure to place the child in a better environment.

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