• WWE is fun

    Yeah! I like WWE but I dont understand people who say that its fake and waste of time etc. coz dont we watch movies? Are they real? Are all tv shows they watch, are they real? So, my point is that wrestlers has great responsiblity on them as they dont get chance to take second shot. They have to do everything perfectly live in just one shot.

  • I don't but lots do

    I don't follow WWE, but there are enough fans to make it an industry. That being said, it's pretty clear that WWE/ Royal Rumble numbers and ratings are down lately. There seems to be something of a spike in audience numbers due to the Royal Rumble, and I guess as with everything else it's a cycle. Sometimes up and sometimes down, but there seems to at least be a solid core audience.

  • Many people follow the WWE

    The WWE is entertainment. It is dependent on follows to exist. Without a big following the WWE would not continue to dominate certain channels and markets. The WWE will either vanish or change if people stop following it. For the longest time before it became the WWE it was the WWF. It changed then to meet the market and it will continue to do so as long as there is a profit to be made.

  • Who watches this?

    I guess plenty of people follow the WWE and Royal Rumble since they are still in business, but I can't really imagine who's watching it. No one I associate with in real life spends one minute watching this nonsense. Everyone knows that it is fake, so I think it's a huge waste of time.

  • It is a certain type of people.

    Look around at the audience at a WWE tournament. It is an activity that appeals to a certain demographic. It would be interesting to see statistics as to the criminal records of the people into WWE and their education levels. These people think everyone watches WWE, but they certainly don't. It's just a small subset.

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