• Yes, It turns you into Gollum

    It makes you incompetent, Introverted, And socially awkward. It keeps you single. And if you're married, It ruins your relationship. It makes you bored and lazy at the same time, And kills your creativity. Never masterbate before you have anything important to do, Including an exam, Interview, Public performance, Competition, Or a date.

  • I accidentally said submit so here’s part 2 lol

    You’ll be thinking of fantasies that are so degrading, You’ll be constantly thinking about sex everywhere you go, It also makes you lazy because like weed an alcohol it helps you ignore your problems in life instead of just face them and do them. It’ll make you desperate for one night stands that are full of risks and are very dangerous and highly advised against, You’ll have problems committing to anyone in a relationship whether that be close friends, Dating, Boyfriend/girlfriend and ESPECIALLY marriage. You’ll be objectifying bodies so much you’ll be uncomfortable in the body you are in and sometimes even the gender (if you’re a man watching lesbian porn or a female watching gay porn). Also like any addiction once you get a trigger or start thinking about it you’ll immediately want to start doing it so it’s like you give up a little bit of your freedom because you’re enslaved to masturbate or watch porn whenever.

  • Yes both short term and long term

    Masturbation has a good positive affect where it makes you relax and can reduce stress and anxiety temporarily. BUT it makes you lose energy and feel sleepy and like the other debater said it’s an addiction so once you start it’s hard to break that also comes into long term addiction which I’ll get into later, Masturbating can also rewire the brain and make people objectify woman a bit more which leads into porn addiction and wanting to have sex with every woman you see and even go deeper into degrading stuff that you’ll feel super immoral for watching that stuff. On top of that as far as longer terms since you’ll be addicted you’ll be wasting so much time on it since you’re addicted and constantly be masturbating like a mindless zombie ejaculating your life away. Youl

  • It is very

    Yeah it is, It leads to addiction which is really really bad. But i have read many websites which says it isnt bad and kind of confused. I think it should be very bad, But i don't find it in the bible that it is a sin, Just satisfying sexual desires, What do you think?

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