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  • It's close, but not there yet

    There is still a glass ceiling for women in the world. Women are still a seriously underprivileged class in many poor and developing countries. Even in industrial and rich countries, women are paid less than men and have not breached the upper echelons of political power. Things are always improving, but they are not there yet.

  • No, not yet.

    Each year brings the country closer to equality between men and women, but there are still many examples of inequality. For example, men and women have different standards for admission into certain physical jobs, such as the military or firefighting. Most of these arose as a way for women to have an equal chance in these fields, but when women are held to a lower standard it endangers the whole group.

  • No, men and women do not have equality.

    Though law and society are becoming more gender equal over time, women still do not have full equality with men. For example, a woman makes less money than a man even though she performs the same job, and women are judged by superficial beauty standards much more harshly than men are. Equality is a noble goal, but we still are not there.

  • No, women still trail men in many areas of life.

    Centuries of chauvinism have created societies that greatly favor men. Recent shifts towards equality and appreciation of women have improved female roles in society, but men still enjoy an advantage over women in many areas of society. On average, men earn more money and have greater job opportunities than similarly qualified women, proving that they are still not equal.

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