• Men and women recieve the same rights.

    Although we have come from a rough past involving this subject, America these days offer the same rights to anyone. Obviously in the past gender was an issue, but over the years with new understand and newly passed laws, women are offered the same rights men are. The only sexism that is still around is not due to the law, but to individual ignorance, such as an employer not wanting women to work for him. Legally, women and men are equal.

  • Women need the rights

    Most women have to be secetry instead of being a provisional but not all women some do have there rights but also back then they did not have there rights like some do now i think all women should have there rights i think its fair that men and women have the same rights

  • No men and women do not receive the same rights.

    It states in the 19th Amendment that girls over the age of 21 have full rights. But do full rights mean equal? No, if it meant equal girls would get paid a dollar instead of seventy seven cents. Girls would be able to go into careers of science and math without being critized! We would be able to walk down the street without being catcalled! Whenever we are in a relationship when we are being abused we would not be asked why we stayed in the relationship instead told you are brave. Saying like a girl would mean great things! Altogether, no men and women do not receive the same rights.

  • On paper, men and women are equals; in reality, they are not.

    Men and women do receive the same rights, according to the laws of this country. However, the fact remains that women are not treated as equals - for instance, women ought to have the right to a fair wage, and yet they are paid less, on average, than men with the same position and the same responsibilities.

  • No, men continue to have more advantages than women.

    No, the inequality between men and women continues. Even though there have been improvements, the advantages for men continue. In the workplace, men continue to receive an average higher wage than women. In the home structure, women continue to be expected to care for the children, prepare meals and clean while many men are excused from these tasks.

  • Men and women do not have the same rights.

    Although there have been strides in equality efforts for women, there are still laws that prevent the equal treatment of men and women. Women, for instance, are not legally entitled to the same pay in the workplace as men. This inequality is highlighted in the statistics that consistently reflect higher pay for men than women.

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