Do men deserve all the blame for the objectification of women?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • We are taught.

    Women have been trained that showing more is sexy and that being modest is unattractive. Why would a woman want to down-grade her intelligence for the sake of appeal? Because she has been trained that women who are smart are not as attractive as dumb ones...Men don't want to be outdone by their women or made to look inferior. It all comes down to what society has taught us.

  • Women do not know what they want.

    Men can’t take all of the blame for
    the objectification of women. Women do
    it to themselves. They deserve the
    majority of the blame. Women shop for
    hours so that they can wear revealing clothing that accents the most appealing
    parts of their bodies and then complain when men look at them. This makes absolutely no sense.

  • Of course not.

    A lot of people say "look at magazine covers". Yet they fail to mention that somebody has to pose for those pictures, and they are usually rich women who could retire if they wanted to, not desperate young girls. Also, look at covers of People magazines, following pregnant famous women around, etc... Those are marketed towards women. The reason that men are shown sophisticated on magazines marketed towards men is because men want to be like the sophisticated men on the magazines, and men are attracted towards sexy, scantily clad women. Don't blame men or women, blame biology and the media executives. And y0urself, for buying those magazines and/or not speaking out against them.

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