• Obviously yes, it is biology

    We are stronger, faster, tougher, and much more intelligant than women. It just makes sence. Why do you think the US hasn'tmhad a female persident yet? They just don't fit the job. That is why Clinton doesn't stand a chance against Trump. Men are superior, that's that and they can't do a think about it. Plus we are also very sincere and gentle. We are not brutes or savages.

  • Open your eyes

    What you write contradicts your statement. You say men are smarter than women when you can't even correctly spell president. Also, you have a really narrow view on this subject. And most of your support is opinionated, no real hard evidence. Just because the United States hasn't had a president doesn't mean other countries haven't. There have also been many male presidents that have harmed this country, like George Bush or Richard Nixon. Your claims only apply so some of the population, most people today don't see Hitler as sincere or gentle. And just because men can be very sincere and gentle doesn't mean women can't be. Overall, your statement is inaccurate and has no credible support to back of your claims. Both men and women are equal, there is a reason we earned that right.

    Posted by: aval
  • Equality always matters.

    Well according to biology women are better survivors than men (they are stronger,faster etc.) but they're "weak" because you stereotype them as weak. NO ONE IS SUPERIOR everyone is and should be equal to the other, and unlike Perussi's post mine is supported by science. Also the only reason there is no female president is because for the first few elections women weren't even allowed to vote or run for president

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