• Yes, men expect too much from women.

    I believe that men expect too much from women. They expect women to be "superwoman." She is supposed to be able to hold down a full time job, take care of the kids, have a sparkling clean house and have home cooked meals on the table every night. Women still take on most of the household chores and child raising responsibilities.

  • Men expect women to wear more hats.

    The expectations of women include being successful at work, in the community and in the family. Men, generally do not carry the same burden of being able to gracefully perform all of the tasks as women. Women's liberation has placed equal expectations on women in the workplace without really alleviating their responsibilities at home.

  • Men want more than what they are willing to give.

    Men do it to women. Men do it to other men too. Men put in a little bit but expect a lot. Men do the bare minimum and expect maximum results. Men place expectations on themselves to appear attractive to women out of their league. They fail to notice women who are not supermodel worthy. They sacrifice and contort themselves for the gold digger who wants nothing to do with them. When Ms. Supermodel rejects him, He is butthurt and blames women as a whole. And if they get the women they want, They grow tired of her. They definitely expect better in women than themselves.

  • Men expect too much.

    Women are expected to work full time jobs yet still bring home the same amount as the man. So if you don't make as much your working 50 hours a week or more. Women are also expected to clean, Cook, Take care of the kids, Do the laundry and expected to be alternative to their mans needs. After all this work women just want to relax. Men expect women to be happy and never have an attitude after a long day, And if you ever do expect your man to dump you. Also not all men do dangerous or public service work but still expect the same from their woman. Women do much more work than the man but are still to this day valued as less of a person.

  • Unfortunately yes :(

    Most men that I meet want the moon and the stars but they don't have much to offer in exchange. They wrongly think that having $ is their only value.
    I've never managed to have a relationship with a man and I don't think I'll ever have one, too much work. And now I'm old too.

  • Men are skilled at procrastination

    Women initiate divorce more often and follow through more often. There is a point and time when women give up doing it all. Ask any man the size of his child's shoe. Ask any man what size his daughter wears? Ask a man for the PTA password. They are still being trained to see women as secretaries. Not only do women do more, they are repeatedly expected to work around the ridiculous conditions a man creates. There is no doubt women do more. Men procrastinate and will exert more energy making excuses than working on the problem. "A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance. " -Hunter S. Thompson (and then he committed suicide leaving a mess behind for a woman to clean up)

  • Ridiculous standards expected.

    They expect women to centre them in everything. They want the emotional labour of a caretaker without ever giving back. They expect cleaning, cooking, child-raising, and full-time working from women while they only work full-time and tale the rubbish out. They want the perfect body in a woman irrespective of not having one themselves, even after pregnancy. They're fine with their own ageing but despise that same natural process in women. They expect women half their age to be sexually attracted to them. They want a woman who is simultaneously independent and needs them. How the hell does that work? They want a woman to be arm candy while eating pizza and drinking beers. They expect her to be 'one of the guys' while having no actual male friendships. They want her to be a virgin and a porn star. Some even want to fliet with other women in front of her while she gives them a freaking nod of approval. They pretend the world is equal when it's vlearly not.

  • Without a doubt YES!

    Men expect us females to be doing every single thing! Whether its cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, and hold down a well paid job. Not to mention they expect attention whenever they feel like getting it but god forbid we ask for attention because then we are "needy"

  • We do not expect much either

    I feel sorry things went that way..But just remember that you are beautiful cause you bleive in yourself and you do not need a man say it to you! I am recently separated and just after he lost me he is trying to get in touch I ve been also abused verbally and indirect physical also..But I always believed in my self and I realized men expect women to be under their shoes control her and shape her as they want customize her whenever they feel like to..*** sex we can live better without it to some degree better than men!If I ever think remarry I will choose not live with a husband see his imperfectness and he see mine everyday! A wife and a husband should miss each other and not share all to keep passion love and attraction curiosity alive! Best of lack in life :)

  • Not that many Gentlemen in the world.

    I been married for 15 years with a man . I keep myself looking good and he just don't care about his physical looks. I even look pass this because I love him at one point but all he has ever done is put me down. He even got me to believe that I'm unattractive and not worthy. He drank and hang out with his friends on weekends to talk about other woman. He even try to make me look or be someone else. Well I was sad depressed and I cry a lot because my husband didn't show me any affection. I even though of dying but then I realized it's not worth it. As I went out I was surprised to find other men found me attractive and even try to date me but I made it clear I was married. You be surprised how many didn't care and probably were married themselves. Well any way Karma is real. One day my husband said hi to a pretty girl at work . He even flirted and she got mad and told him your ugly. He came home and told me. I didn't feel bad he deserves it. They have been lots of time were people friends, family even strangers told me . Wow! You are beautiful and your husband is lucky. He not even attractive. You could of done better. I'm still in a marriage with no love and I'm beginning to hate this man day by day because I try I really try to get him to appreciate me but it doesn't work. He continues to neglect me and be an jerk. I have chat with guys that I met and I discovered all men are pigs . They want to be intimate right away and do no work. They disrespectful rude. Some look like cap but think they are God's gift to women. I going to get divorce I'm waiting for my son to be 18 because he's young like 13. So when my son 18 I promise my self freedom because I'm tired of the verbal abuse. I won't look back and I'm going to be a lonely number but it's better to be alone then in a relationship where you feel alone.

  • Life is complicated.

    There are two major camps when it comes to male-female relationships. There's the traditional camp, Where generally, Men and women tend to follow traditional gender roles. The man is the bread winner, The woman stays home and tends the hearth.

    There's also the modern camp, Where man and woman share duties and responsibilities. Roles are blurred, Duties are shared. The woman may work, And the man may do more work around the house.

    Things get fucked up when you're not clear about which model you're working under, And when you're not reasonably clear about negotiating the division of labor.

    I think this failing happens both ways, But as a man, What I tend to see from women who feel that men expect too much, Is that they're not clear themselves, Which type of situation they prefer. One moment, They're trying to be all modern, Then the next they want to be traditional. Generally, They want to pick and choose. . . Being modern when it's convenient, Or makes her feel good, But when it works more to her interests, She's wanting things to be traditional.

    This creates confusion in the relationship. I don't think it's important that you follow traditional roles, Only that you're clear about which model the relationship is based on. If you want to be traditional one moment and modern the next, Both partners are going to feel short changed, As the rules in the relationship aren't consistent.

    At the level of society, Women have made great strides in terms of what they're allowed to do, But in many cases, If they hope to compete with men, They need to recognize that men are actually working hard. Nobody gives it to us, And for the most part, In the man's world, It's put up or shut up. Women are welcome, But shouldn't expect any breaks. (And it's not particularly egalitarian to offer or to expect any. )

  • Men have more pressure

    Men in society have to be have a lot of money, have ambitions, have great looks, have to be funny, have to be the male figure. A man that shows emotions is often considered a weak man. (Just try for a few months and you'll ser it's harder than you think, we have to do it our entire lives). We have to be tall. Anyone under 6'' will have a hard time finding a cute date in America. Also, for those stats-hungry freaks, suicide rates amongst men are about three times higher than their female counterpart because they have more pressure. A girl doesn't even need money to have fun she can just put some make up on to look good and some dumb guys will pay for everything for her. Guys often have to use steroids to please what women are looking for and it often takes years to achieve a muscular look. Most of the time females simply have to loose weight which is 100x easier. I could go in and on and on and on but all in all girls simply have to cruise through life waiting for stuff to happen (90% of the time a girl will refuse to even initiate contact - again, the man's "job"). Guys have to live a fight constantly to prove their worth or they will remain invisible to woman's etes. Also, I find out lately that there are a lot of medias that are sharing the vision that all female bodies look good and that you can eat whatever you like and still be beautiful. They call it boldy, curvy, which are all supposed to be vood things. Men can't be skinny nor fat to receive men's attention.

  • The reverse is much more true

    Since women’s lib has been in full swing, women have put themselves in this position. While I personally have no pre-conceived notion of pre-defined roles, the notion is equality. Well guess what, woman want equality then they have to step up to the plate and deal with it. The idea of a man expecting the woman “doing everything” might be a problem in certain people’s relationships but in general it is far from true. I see this as a time and “wanting” issue. We have 24 hours a day and if a woman wants a degree, a career, a husband, kids, the house with the white picket fence, etc, then they should expect to work their asses off. If a woman doesn’t want work her ass off then the expectations need to be lowered. To be clear, I am a single dad and I do EVERYTHING myself: raising a child (music lessons, basketball, baseball, soccer, soccer coach no less), cooking (from scratch, not this BS frozen food in the microwave business), cleaning, fixing the house myself (no contractors), fixing cars myself (no mechanics), taking care of elderly parent, etc and doing this while holding down a job that is always over 40 hours a week. I am it and I have been doing this for 10 years with my own health issue. Yes I don’t get as much sleep as I need or would like.

    The bottom line, if a woman wants to complain that she is expected to do everything, then maybe she should come see my life and chances are she will turn back and think she doesn’t have it too bad…stop fucking complaining – someone always has it worse than you.

  • Such a wrong statement

    I am a guy and I'm saying no. As long as a girl is nice, with a slight bit of looks, I will want to date her. But for woman I've known, They care about physical looks in places that shouldn't matter like the penis. Us men are expected to be almost perfect, although we have to hear you woman, especially in my age of being a teen, complain about their period every so often, and makeup, and how they have a "fat" body. Of course that may sound like going off subject, but that is clearly linked to woman's expecting more from a guy than us men expecting from a woman. To sum up to what I am speaking of, I must say that although I am as nice to a woman as possible then I ask for a date or something, they will turn me down because I am, "not their type." - Coming from a 16 year old high school guy

  • Other way around. Women expect too much from men.

    Hence why they're never satisfied with men. No sense of appreciation, no sense of respect, laying out guilt trips, jealousy, being dramatic, complain about EVERYTHING, etc. I'm not saying all women are like this, but quite a substantial number; men ought to try listening to women talk about guy stuff and their problems amongst themselves, and you'll understand why its so difficult to satisfy a woman nowadays.

  • Way to generalize.

    You take on the responsibilities you choose to.
    People are allowed to expect what they want.
    If a man wants a woman to contribute half to the house hold because they are both working, then that's fair.
    If a man wants to live casually, and the woman wants a cleaner place, it's the womans responsibility, and choice to live with someone who is less concerned.
    If you want to be attractive (physically) to your partner, it's your responsibility to stay in shape, guys and girls.

  • To make a counter point

    There are only a few females who are lining up for military duty, or dangerous jobs. Few enlist in police, detectives, fewer still are becoming scientists. With equality comes the burden of equal standard, if one side takes 3 steps, the other side must do so as well.

    My main point is still civil service and dangerous jobs, few females find the guts to do those jobs.
    Or to make a joke...When there is a strange sound in the house, when something is amiss, who goes to check? When was the last time the wife said "honey stay back I'll go check what that is"?

    Just being devil's advocate here.

    Posted by: N711

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