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  • No, men find polygamy to be problematic.

    Although variety in sexual partners is appealing to many men, polygamy itself brings with it many practical problems. Jealousy is certain to occur at different times. Supporting a large polygamous family is very expensive and also very time consuming. Sharing time and affection equally becomes difficult, which results in hurt feelings.

  • No, men prefer to only have one wife.

    Men have a need for intimacy and connection just like women do. This need is best fulfilled in one committed person. Having multiple wives dilutes a relationship. Instead of having a deep connection with one woman, a man only gets smaller, weaker connections with different women. The parts to not equal the whole, and he is left wanting more.

  • While polygamy is a way of life that many men follow in alignment with their beliefs, there is little evidence to suggest that it is beneficial.

    Unfortunately, polygamy often gets reduced to sex. The common belief is that because a man has access to more than one woman, it is beneficial to him because he has more access to sex. There are other less considered aspects of polygamy, however, that are not very beneficial to men and, in fact, potentially make the lifestyle more difficult. Expenses, balancing family life among multiple wives and children, community disapproval and earning a living sufficient enough to provide for so many people are just a few of the prospective drawbacks of the polygamist lifestyle.

  • Polygamy creates a bigger family to support, which is not beneficial.

    One of the problems that men have with polygamy is that having multiple wives creates a larger family to support. A paycheck can only support so large of a family; by having increased number of wives and children, it puts a greater financial strain on the man to provide for everyone.

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