• Yes they do

    Men masturbate more than women, men cheat more than women, and men watch porn more than women. Most strip clubs are made for men and 99% of people who visit prostitutes are men. Men have more testosterone which is the hormone most responsible for sex drive. Gay male couples have significantly more sex than lesbian couples, and gay men have more lifetime partners than lesbians. Homosexuality is a perfect way to compare sexual desire between the two sexes as its completely unaffected by the opposite sex, and as clearly shown, gay men are much more sexual and promiscuous than lesbians on average proving that men have stronger sex drives than women

  • Yes, they are always interested.

    Yes, men have a higher sex drive than women, because men are not emotional about it. No matter how terrible their day is, or what bad things happened at work, they still find a way to be interested in sex. For women, it's more emotional. It's hard to have sex when you're upset about something.

  • I don’t think that men have a higher sex drive than women.

    I don’t think that men have a higher sex drive than
    women. I just think that society
    conditions women to suppress their sexual urges. Society teaches women to be ashamed of their
    sex drives, so they keep them secret. If
    you don’t believe me, just look at how many vibrators are sold in America.

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