• Yes we do

    First off, when a man wishes to leave a woman he has impreganted, he is almost always forced to pay child support, and rightfully so. Reason being, the child is his, as much as it is the mother's. It takes two people to make a child afterall. The same applies to abortions. The child is as much the mother's as it is the father's. I don't think women should be allowed to kill their children in general, however, they certainly shouldn't be allowed to abort the child without the consent of the father. The child is his as well.

    Women have a way out of becoming a parent, and that is abortion. Men have no way out, and are (rightfully) forced to take up their responsibility, and provide for their child, through child support. If a woman becomes pregnant, and the father wants to keep it, she should not be allowed to abort the child, as it is just as much the father's child, as it is the mother's.

    You can't have it both ways.

  • The morals stay the same from gender to gender

    Just because men are not the ones giving birth to the child, does not mean that they can not have a firm understanding on the positions of that topic. We need to be open to opinions from both genders, due to how greatly they can provide to the issues at hand.

  • Absolutely, positively YES

    To be fair, a man has just as much a right as a woman. A man will end up having to pay child support to sustain the child, so he should have a say in the future of the child. Also, the man might actually want the child to live, and considering that he took part in the creation of the child, he should have a say in that sense too.

    Yes, woman have to endure child birth, which is horribly painful, but so too is the pain of having to pay child support (especially if the mother is a dead-beat) for 18 years.

  • Yes, they do

    Yes, I do believe that men have a very important part in the abortion debate. Half of a child's genes are from the father. The mother did not create the baby all by herself. Abortion not only hurts women, but it hurts men also who may not get the save the child they want.

  • Yes, they do

    Pregnancy takes two people to happen. This gives right to both prospective parents to make decision about baby, whichever decision need to be made. Abortion is one of this decisions. Personally I believe that mother is main figure here, as by nature they're more protective, nurturing and giving. A mother might choose not to have abortion and give birth against father's opposing will, and I believe, she has right to do that, as she'll be taking full responsibility willingly. If mother wants to have an abortion, and father opposes it, it's still mother's decision, as she'll be having all physical and emotional burdens of pregnancy.
    Then again, no matter what's my belief, and how decision would be made, father has a say on the matter for sure.

  • Anyone has a place in it

    What if that man was almost aborted nd therefor feels against it? What if he knew someone who commit suicide from abortion guilt and therefor is against it? What if he knew someone who needed one and therefor is for it? If he knows someone who can't have an abortion and needs one, who is forced to have one or who aborts his baby the he has a say in it. As former fetuses we all have a place in that debate.

  • The child doesn't only come from the Woman. The child is every bit as much the father's as well.

    It shouldn't even be a debate. How do we go from ideals of due process, inalienable rights, and all people are equal to children not having any rights as human beings simply because they aren't as developed as others are?

    This notion that somehow a child is magically a part of the mother's body is just PC gone stupid to placate the guilt of women who don't want to feel guilty of killing another human being.

    It's far easier for one to say they excised an unimportant lump of tissue than to acknowledge the reality that the child growing with them is actually a totally separate life form wholly human and entirely genetically distinctive as much from the mother as the child is distinctive from the father who doesn't carry him or her around for 9 months.

    It's literally like cracking an egg and trying to claim that somehow means you injured the hen who laid it. It's both absurd and an intentional ignoring of the truth. This is probably why women suffer psychologically so often from having an abortion, because no matter how hard one tries, it's not too many people that can honestly convince themselves of that which doesn't make any sense, that somehow that separate growing child is a part of her own body.

  • No! What century are you living in?

    Do you have any idea how much work being pregnant is? Do you have any idea how much having a child changes your life? When an embryo is concieved, it is not a child, it doesn't even breathe, and she should be allowed to abort that child if she wants to. I think if a woman wants to abort the child and the man wants to keep it, it should be aborted since the woman is the one who will be carrying it for nine months, it is the mother that will have to avoid alcohol and smoking and it is the mother that will have to be extra special careful for nine months, and it is the mother that will have to have a life form the size of a basketball pushed out of her. If the father wants a child so much, he should adopt, because, it really doesn't matter if the child is biologically related to you or not, it just matters if they are emotionally bonded to you. For so long, women's bodies have been more or less the property of men. A hundred years ago, a man could do whatever he wanted to his wife, and she couldn't really do anything about it. Hundreds of years ago, women were basically the property of men, they couldn't own property, they couldn't vote, they couldn't get jobs, the only choices for a woman was get married or starve. Now, I think we should have more control over what happens with our own bodies. I think we should have evolved people.

  • Not it in the slightest

    Until a pregnancy can be transferred to the body of the man, he has no right to force a woman to stay pregnant. The use of someone's body is much more severe and important than the use of someone's wallet and when men complain about not having a say in whether or not they get to keep the child, maybe they should've thought about that before they slept with a woman (flipping the should've kept her legs closed" argument. If they really want to keep a child, then have one with someone who is prepared for the process and rigors of pregnancy and raising a child instead of pressuring a woman who may not be prepared for any number of reasons whether they be financial, mental, physical, or anything else.

  • Half of the man's genes, but not half of the man's body

    The man does not have to give birth to the child or have it in themselves for 9 months. Yes, it is technically half the father's, but it is not his body and it is not his property. It is not just as much the father's child, and that is why mothers mostly get full custody of their children.

  • No men do not have a place

    1. Men do not experience any of the complications of carrying a fetus to term.
    2. Cis men cannot get pregnant.
    3. Men should not and cannot dictate what a pregnant woman does with her body.
    4. There are NO laws restricting male bodily autonomy and access to health care in the same vein as abortion laws.

  • No, not completely

    I will concede that the father has a right to request that the pregnancy not be aborted, but politicians have no right to decide what is in a woman's body and whether or not it should e kept alive. If you aren't a father currently discussing this with your girlfriend/wife/other you don't really have a right to decide whether or not an abortion happens.

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