• Men Have It Way Better

    1) Physically, men have it easier. They don't have to go through the pain of a period. They don't have to go through pregnancy. They don't have to spend much time to look nice. They can do things in public that women would be shamed for (pass gas, horseplay, eat messily).
    2) Economically, men have it better. Men get the promotions. They get higher wages. Men have a wider variety of jobs.
    Yes, they usually pay for dates, but it's made up for in many ways. We buy clothes, makeup, hygiene products, etc. just so we look good enough to go out with you. It's better than being nasty and smelly.

  • Yes They Do

    Men still have it a lot easier than women in many ways. They still make more than women for equal pay in a lot of situations and industries. The top level jobs in most companies (like CEO or President) are still dominated by men. When it comes to parenting and doing housework, women often do the majority while men focus on hobbies, recreation, or their careers.

  • Overall they do

    While it's a vague question that doesn't do justice to the trials that either gender has to go through, there are some pretty clearly defined advantages men have over women. Women make less money than men doing the same jobs and they're expected to look twice as good while doing it, there's clearly some equality issues.

  • Men Have It Easier In Business

    When it comes to business, men have it easier than women. Even now, in 2013, men continue to earn more than women for doing the same job. They also tend to have more opportunities to advance in the business world. Many women in executive-level jobs in corporate America feel that they have to work harder to keep their positions because of the pervasive inequality between the genders. Elsewhere in life, I think men and women struggle equally.

  • Please read a textbook

    While taking my economics class I stumbled upon a very interesting piece of information that blew a hole in the "70 cents to a mans dollar" argument. It is because men get into more lucrative careers, spend more hours in those jobs, perform more dangerous or hard labor, and are less likely to take time off (either from sickness or to raise kids). These but a few other factors convinced me the 70 cents thing was a crock. Also women receive less prison time for the same crimes and are also less likely to be convicted by a jury, and they don't have to sign up for selective service. So there's those arguments as well.

  • Women don't work as hard as men do

    Women don't work under grueling working conditions of those careers found in mining, construction, septic tank cleaning and countless others. On top of that, women choose lower paying career paths. Most men pursue law medicine and business, while most women pick veterinarian and nursing services. There are exceptions but majorities contribute to the economic myth. Also, women have not yet proven they can work as long as men do. With all these factors in consideration, it appears women are trying to pretend they are equal to men in order to obtain benefits without working for them, based on their gender. Women don't expect to pay for drinks or meals, yet they consider themselves equal to men. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Gray Area

    I think it really varies as to what part of life you would say mean have it easier. There are certain genetic and physical advantages that men have. On the other hand, there are also features that help women succeed that most men do not have. I don't think it's really a fair question to flat out say that men have it easier than women overall. I would agree that both sexes have advantages in specific areas of life.

    Posted by: pdrm

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