• Yes they have more confidence

    I think woman politicians get too wrapped up in what is moral and what is right in certain domestic policy issues while men stick more to the point and look for what works. I like that male politicians tend to keep a lower profile and don't advocate their opinions as much as female ones do overall.

  • It's just the way it is

    While there have been excellent examples of women in government (Isabel the Catholic in Spain, Margaret Thatcher in England, Angela Merkel in Germany...) this is not the general rule, which is what we are talking about. Women tend to govern the smaller domain of the household, and they do so beautifully, while men tend to dominate the public sphere. It is not so much a matter of who is better at it as a matter of who is prone to take on the task.

  • Women should be banned from politics

    Women have in their nature features, that make them think different than men. They are more subjektive and not as much objektive than men in general. Worst of all, they make decicions based on feelings and not facts. Women in Politics is the same as a little girl in a boy fight. Some day people will recognize that woman put the world in a bad direction and are responsible for up coming crises. Sure there are some god women politicians, but exceptions confirm the rule.
    Ps. Every one who put Angela Merkel as and good example should look at the situation in Europe closer.

  • Men know their words more than women

    In Politics, it is a must to always be straightforward and firm to the decisions you make. And that men do.Men are decisive. From the past up to the present, men are appointed to political post that women, mostly taking over the political arena, because men know their limits. They always use their heads over their hearts after being appointed in a position. Women, on the other hand, may get a post in politics but just to support most men, i suppose.

  • Women are to fragile

    Women break down easily under stress while men are better at staying calm and keeping things under control. Also out of the 10 most influential countries in the world only one of their leaders in politics are female, t his clearly shows that men are more influential than women when it comes to politics.

  • Men are more rational.

    Ladies are more emotional. Politics, no matter how complicated it is, are aimed at the best interest for the group you are serving. You work for the best benefit for the group you are working for. Ladies can be much more easily controlled by their emotion and make worse decisions. Guys can be more reasonable under complicated situations.

  • Men are superior to women in politics

    Because being a politician is not an easy job as one has to lead from the front and one should have the quality to impress the people by means of lectures and speeches. And these qualities are mostly present in men as compared to women . Let us take the example of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi , he has the quality of a good leader and also the quality to impress the people , now let us take Congress leader Sonia Gandhi nothing can be compared between Mr, Modi and Sonia Gandhi. So men are more better than women in politics.

  • Politics is a dirty business

    To be a successful politician, an individual needs to be devious, disregarding of the rules and decisive. These are qualities that are generally more common in men (with the exception of Theresa May). More specifically, the often superior mental strength of men makes then better representatives in war situations. Obviously.

  • That is true .

    Because men are more stay calm than women . Stay calm is the most important politicians. Men are more intelligent than women . Men are more charismatic than women. Men have a leader ship but women don't have. Men everything do it but women don't do it there fore men are the best in politicians

  • Men are better at speeches and leadership

    Women, for many, just don't cut it. Most of their presentation is weaker and flimsier. Male politicians are better because they inspire loyalty, strength, confidence and charisma better than most women. When it comes to the day-to-day running of business in politics women are are just as crap as men though. The few women who have made it to the top are those who inspire fear and power like men do.

  • No i do not support

    Women will always bother about improving their safety and they would completely forget about the male citizens. Women will fulfill each and every dreams that they have without bothering about men. Moreover, they are slow decision . They think they are the best but while taking decisions quickly they fall sort and cannot win the heart of the people.

  • No. No. No.

    Women make better politicians because they're not inherently programmed to lie through their teeth. Men are more capable of treachery and dishonesty, whereas women will generally tell the truth. Women are also better multi-taskers; they wouldn't need a whole staff of people to do their job, she could make do with a few other women and they could run a campaign or a state better than a man.
    Women will rule the world someday. We just need men for breeding.

  • They do not.

    Men do not make better politicians then women. Men are more harsh and critical which makes them more disconnected from their constituents. Men are also more likely to lie to people which is a bad thing. While women are capable of doing the same thing, but they are less likely to do these things.

  • Women are valid candidates

    History has shown that the right woman can be just as effective in office as a man. Take Queen Elizabeth I, Margaret Thatcher, and more recently, Angela Merkel. All three have proven to be highly competent, highly effective leaders, and they all had significant impacts on their countries, whether or not you agree with their decisions politically. The point is, they did just as good of jobs as male politicians would have done.

  • Ban men from politics!

    I think men should be banned from politics all together. Their inability to communicate, relate to people and negotiate has been proven by the centuries of war.
    The more time men spend in physical labour, sports activities and leisure pursuits , the better it is for the society as a whole, the less work for women to undo.

  • 113th Congress Features 20 Female Senators

    For the first time in history, the U.S. Senate will feature 20 women. This is the highest amount of women in the upper chamber in history. Politics is no longer a male-dominated society. With Nancy Pelosi the minority leader in the House and several Congressional races featuring prominent women such as Linda McMahon, men do not necessarily make the best politicians anymore.

  • Men do NOT make better politicians than women!

    There is no genetic link involved when it comes to being a good or a bad politician. Granted, if becoming involved in scandals were the determining factor in being a good or a bad politician, many more men have become involved in scandals than their female counterparts--scandals that often lead to resignation from office. According to a May 19, 2011 article in "The Atlantic", it isn't because there are fewer women in elected office; "Women only make up 16.4% of the current Congress, and 12% of the nation's governors. But in a 2009 Newsweek tally of political sex scandals since 1976, only one out of 53 instances involved a woman politician... So women aren't even holding up their fair percentage of the scandals." Based on that one criteria--involvement in sex scandals--WOMEN could be considered better politicians.

    However, that is really too simplistic a response. In point of fact, given that women and men are human beings, both groups have their strengths and weaknesses. It may be that as more and more women take their places in elected office, a more informed debate can be held on this issue. To date, given the sex-scandal index as a determiner of being a good politician, that would suggest that WOMEN are better politicians! We will have to see if their "superiority" remains undiminished in the coming decades.

  • You are all truly sexist

    Yes women are biologically different to men but it doesn’t mean we are less capable in politics than men. Queen Elizabeth 1 had a long reign, this was because she was capable of making decisions on her own even though she was surrounded by men. These beliefs that women are less superior are built off human imagination and religion. The book I am reading at the moment says that masculine traits like engaging in politics is a culture MYTH. These patriotical beliefs were made up thousands of years ago to order simple kingdoms and villages but they do not fit the complex world we live in today. Yes women may be more emotional biologically but this doesn’t change anything. In fact it gives a different view. If we stick to the same view or theory nothing will change just like how religion and the 4 humours theory stopped the development of medicine for hundreds of years. Someone said they we are less intelligent, can you give me solid proof because I think anyone can be as intelligent as another if they work hard. I went from a 2 in science to a 6 that’s a difference of 4 grades in just one year. Anyone can do this if they tried. I believe that men and women together can make good decisions and push politics in the right direction.

  • Women and men both should equally be able to do what they want to.

    From 1848 to today, thousands of women in the United States fight for the same rights as men, including right to vote. Victorian-era scientists argued that women were by nature inferior to men, even claiming that the shape and size of female skulls were evidence of their weaker brainpower.

    Women weren't encouraged by many people to run for a political position so they didn't. This just proves the only logical reasons for people to think men could be better politicians is because women haven't been in the spotlight enough for anyone to really think "She is really good at her job."

  • Both men and women have different qualities that make them good at politics.

    Men are more decisive and have less commitments than women. Women have many other demands on their time and may not be able to use their full potential. Women may get too emotionally attached but men are generally impartial. So there are flaws and good things about both men and women in politics- we can't say one sex is better than the other.

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