• How could they not?

    Feminism isn't just for women. Both men and women struggle under society's gender expectations. As Emma Watson beautifully stated in her HeForShe speech the goals of feminism can't be accomplished without the help of men. She said that “If men don’t have to be aggressive in order to be accepted, women won’t feel compelled to be submissive. If men don’t have to control, women won’t have to be controlled.” She went even further by attesting that gender inequality doesn’t actually advantage men, it hurts them. For instance, as a result of societal stigmas and a culture of ‘macho-ism’, men are less inclined to express their vulnerabilities and emotional landscape. And because of this societal denial of male fragility, men are left feeling ashamed when faced with mental illness or a failure to reach a certain level of expected ‘success’. Watson proposed that “both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong… It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals.”

  • More than people may think.

    Feminism is about equality between the sexes (regardless of race, disability, class etc, and inclusive of transgender men and women), not trampling on the rights of men.

    The thing is, women aren't equal. They're considered lower (in subtle ways.) For example, if a man does something stereotypically 'feminine', like wanting to knit or watch any children he had, then he would be mocked or questioned for it. The same goes for if he displays emotion, due to it being seen as feminine and therefore, weak.

    If a man is raped, or domestically abused, it's very unlikely that he will speak up for fear of not being taken seriously due to some of the unfair stereotypes men face (e.G. 'but men like sex', 'but only men rape.') He would also not be taken seriously due to women being associated with being victims and men being associated as being attackers. Feminism is about tackling issues like those so men can get they help they need in such a situation, by acknowledging the equality between the sexes.

    Men do need Feminism, and those are just a couple of the reasons why.

  • Feminism For All

    Feminism is not just about women's rights. It is about defining, establishing, and defending equality for women. Men grow up in families that have a mother, or a sister, or a daughter, or a niece, or an aunt, or a grandmother. These relationships help one to understand the feminine perspective of current society. Men (fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, uncles, and grandfathers) can help to establish a society where women and men are perceived as equals from the beginning.

  • Yes, Men do need feminism.

    Yes, in my opinion men do need feminism. Without feminism men would be going through life in a constant battle for alpha male status. I believe that men need feminism in their lives to have that little push they need to look at situations through another point of view that they may not think of in situations that call for a different thought process than they usually have.

  • Men need feminism too.

    Men need feminism for many reasons, my personal favourite for a first world country situation being that there is never, ever any baby changing tables in the men's bathroom. What, do men not have the ability to change a babies nappy? Or is it still, even in a country like England, socially the norm for women to be the only gender who nurture children.

  • Men need feminism too

    Men need feminism because feminism is about equality. Radical feminists arent feminists at all, instead they are crazy man haters. Rational feminists who care about equity and equality want to help everyone, because we know that shit happens to every gender. We know that men get raped and body shamed, men get put down because of lots of things just as same as women, so why would we help out?

  • Men need feminism too

    Men need feminism because feminism is about equality. Radical feminists arent feminists at all, instead they are crazy man haters. Rational feminists who care about equity and equality want to help everyone, because we know that shit happens to every gender. We know that men get raped and body shamed, men get put down because of lots of things just as same as women, so why would we help out?

  • Men most definitely need Feminism

    Feminism is NOT anti-men! It is the quality of the genders, not favoring one over the other. There are so many situations in which women are superior to men and likewise. Being a women myself, I will happily admit that. I just wish everyone else would too. Feminism would not be possible without both genders anyway.

  • Feminism = Equality

    Men are treated better than or equally to women in a lot of situations. Men get raped. Men get abused. Women are often pitied in those situations, men are either liars or 'pussies' if it happens to them and they seek help. Men aren't always better off and women aren't always better off.

  • No, men do not need feminism.

    The concept of feminism holds that women should be treated equally to men. Therefore, feminism shouldn't matter to men one way or the other. Best case scenario, women receive all of the advantages, benefits and opportunities that men currently receive. That wouldn't have any bearing on the way men are treated. Worst case scenario, women are treated horribly. That would be terrible, but it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for men.

  • Feminism is anti male

    The history of feminism, the actions of its scholars, luminaries and philosophers, etc. all point to exactly why men don't need feminism.

    There is a movement for issues concerning boys and men. It's called the Men's Rights Movement. All men are welcome to check it out and voice their opinions.

  • A man needs feminism like a fish needs a bicycle.

    In the past, there were social and legal privileges for being male and there were social and legal privileges for being female. There were also disadvantages in both. The natural differences in the sexes were recognised, and the inevitable essentialism of society was appreciated. Then came egalitarianism, with the concept of making everyone in society equal (at least in law and in society). Then came feminism, with the concept of increasing women's privileges and decreasing women's disadvantages: this, feminists gradually came to promote, was "gender equality" and is the mess that we have now. Feminists never campaign for men's rights, never help men to throw off their traditional disadvantages in being male. Most countries today have laws that discriminate against males; most countries do not have laws that discriminate against females. Men today have notably fewer advantages than women and notably more disadvantages than women and this is a direct result of the implementation of feminist ideology. Anyone who cares for men or boys, or who cares for full social equality, will fight feminism and support campaigns for men's human rights, or support egalitarianism.

  • Many Feminists Hate Men - A lot of radical feminists have called for men to be exterminated, why would men need feminism.

    Feminism is based on women's studies, a completely bias and sexist course of presumptions, many of them about men.

    Men need their own movement.

    Men die 7 years earlier, make up most job fatalities, get less welfare, less health spending, less scholarships - though they make up the minority at universities which are often sexist against men, they pay more tax, they are killed more often, they are assaulted more often, they lose custody most of the time, make up 80% of homeless and 80% of suicides.

    So the life of a man is to go to university with a scholarship, where the environment there will tell you you're sexist and a potential rapist, get married to a women who has more legal rights, work your fingers to the bone, get divorced, not see the kids you love, while your wife's new boyfriend moves in to the house you worked so hard to pay for, whilst you are now homeless, so you kill yourself.

    This is the life on far too many men and feminism does nothing to change it because they don't care and they focus on women.

    Just WATCH a man bring up any men's issues near a feminist and you'll see all the proof you ever need.

    Men don't need feminism.

  • Not at all.

    I think that the course of history itself is proof enough that we do not "need" feminism. For well over 5000 years, feminism has been almost non-existant, yet civilization has been able to grow and thrive. The social rules were well established-women, being impregnable, were to be protected and nourished. Men, obviously not being impregnable, were demanded to work and protect the family. These rules lasted long enough to get us to into the 1940's. When the woman's rights movement began, the idea was for voter equality and the right to work. As time passed, "equality" was the main issue.

    The thing is-"equality" has come with many necessary "protections" for women. They are now considerably over-entitled and, in the eyes of the law, viewed as the protagonist, while men are more often than not the antagonist.

    To summarize this:
    Men do not at all need feminism. If anything, it has been detrimental to them, and this is said while taking into consideration almost every aspect of legal and public policy within the past 25 years. Men are increasingly antagonized and their value to society has been excessively degraded. The best I've seen it put by a misandrist; "Men are no longer needed in society."

  • It stunts mens sexual development with pseudo-scientific beliefs and hypocritical standards

    Feminism attempts to shape men according to a vision of "re-imagined" masculinity that no woman is actually attracted to. When men who've swallowed the feminist kool-aid start lamenting their lack of success with women they are then reprimanded, by feminists, over their so-called sense of entitlement to women! The only way of being a "good" male feminist is to be an emasculated, sexless, psychologically neutered virgin.

  • A lot of feminist women seem to think so...

    But no. Men do not need feminism. Feminism, if you go by the majority of writings, is extremely anti-male. It paints men as barbaric predators, and ignores the majority of male action that has forwarded society to the heights that it has reached.

    I am all for equality of opportunity, but you never get that when you demonize half of the population.

  • By zero means

    Men don't need feminism. Men just need feminists to leave them the hell alone. This is why MGTOW exists.

    They're radical, narcissistic, self-entitled bitches who make up shit to complain about (Taco Bell diablo sauce and Sexist Air Conditioning) because they don't have anything legit to complain about.

    They advocate gendercide and are full of misandry.

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