• Individuals are all given equality.

    Each individual inside of the United States, immigrant or not, is then given certain unalienable rights. It may not say equality and fairness for all, but that is because times have changed. The updated version, the one we'd use today, would add in equality and fairness for all people(s) here.

  • Yes, they are humans.

    Human rights transcend political boundaries. Migrant workers contribute to societies, work and pay taxes, and spend money in the local economy. Like it or not, they have children and their children need to be educated so as not to be a drain on society. They need health care as well, because they are more productive members of society when they are healthy and working. Furthermore, many migrant workers do work that is undesirable and difficult, albeit necessary.

  • Giving migrant workers right will prevent American businesses from profiteering unethically off of illegal immigration.

    American businesses profit they are able to pay migrant workers very low wages for back breaking work. If migrant workers had rights those businesses would be forced to pay more and provide better work conditions. If the businesses didn't then the migrant workers could unionize. If the businesses had to pay migrant workers the same wages as Americans, then they would be less likely to bolster illegal immigration by hiring only illegal immigrants.

  • Everyone deserves rights

    Things like borders and jurisdictions are a poor way of deciding if a person is worthy of rights. There are universal rights that apply to every human being on earth, regardless of if they are legally living somewhere. It would be wrong to deny them these rights on the basis that they don't belong here.

  • Not only do migrant workers and their families deserve rights, they are guaranteed natural rights by God and human rights across the globe through the U.N. and International Court.

    Migrant workers and their families deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They have rights like any human being, foreigner, tourist, or migrant worker; however they do not have the same rights in the U.S. as U.S. citizens. In certain states such as California, migrant workers are granted special exemptions because they work in the U.S. for part of the year and return to their home countries. In some cases,however, these agreements are abused by farm owners and businesses who mistreat migrant workers and deny them human rights.

  • Yes, migrant workers and their families deserve rights.

    The beauty of the US Constitution is that it does not ever say that the rights protected by the document are only applicable to US citizens. It is definitely implied that there are inalienable rights, rights which cannot be taken away, that are universal to all people, which includes migrant workers and their families.

  • Inalienable rights to the founding fathers

    Were life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not fair wages or treatment, not equality, not a financial benefit or social program. We generally don't take away any inalienable right for any immigrant, legal or otherwise. For law breakers, common rights like deciding where you're going to go are taken away. These people have broken the law just by being here. Yes we should treat them well. But they shouldn't have protections not given to all citizens in the country whose laws they are breaking

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