Do Miley Cyrus' nude photos in V magazine set a good example for young women today?

  • Miley Cyrus is an adult and is free to pose nude. These nude photos are not negatively influencing today's young women.

    Young people are given far less credit than they deserve, especially with faux-controversies such as conflating Miley Cyrus posing nude with a decline in young women's morality. Myley Cyrus posing nude in V Magazine shows young women they are in command of their own sexuality and have the freedom to use it as they see fit.

  • Encouraging youth to question social norms

    Just for the record, I'm not here to say that public nudity should be the new standard for women, nor do I think that's what Miley Cyrus's action's communicate. The positive example lies in her refusal to adhere to arbitrary societal norms. She's teaching not just young women, but society in general, that there's nothing inherently objectionable about human sexuality or the human body. Most importantly, she's teaching people to live according to their own decisions about morality, rather than behaving a certain way simply because society says it's right or wrong.

  • I wouldnt say yes, but she can do whatever she wants with her body

    Today, nude photos of celebrities zip around the Internet. It's up to adults how they are going to deal with the possiblity that their children could come across them. Personally, I don't think nude photos should be that big of a deal. Everyone has a body! There isn't much of a reason why people cover themselves up other than modesty, so if someone is comfortable with showing their body, I think they should be free to. The only way for it to be given a postive impact is for adults to make it that way. By now, we should acknowledge that everyone has bodyparts to children.

    Posted by: 3den
  • Miley Cyrus' nude photos are not a good example for young women today.

    Miley Cyrus has gone from being a much loved child actor on the Disney Channel to being a poor role model for children to look up to. Some nude photos are artistic, and some are not. The photos of Miley Cyrus are not artistic and seem to be a grab for attention.

  • But who cares?

    Miley Cyrus OBVIOUSLY doesn't want to be an example. Why does everyone have to be some sort of example? She can live her life and do her own thing for all I care. She is a person too! She is young, we all have been young at some point, the only difference is her learning about herself has been publicized.

  • Miley Cyrus is not setting a good example for young women

    No, I disagree that Miley Cyrus' nude photos in V magazine are setting a good example for young women today. These photos suggest that, in order to be sexy and interesting, women must use their bodies to gain attention. This implies to young women that their only worth lies in how they look and how attractive society deems them.

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