• The case did not give rights to anyone

    It only stated that the police has to let the person under arrest know they have a right to counsel and silence, which are already given to everyone by the US Constitution. Even if someone does confess it does not take away from the fact they can later deny that confession in trial. It lets society be ignorant of what the US Constitution actually says. Is wrong to think that every US citizen should understand their rights that is given to them by the Constitution? Everyone wants to profess their rights but do they actually know them and understand all of them? Videotaped confessions have also gotten rid of "third degree" interrogations. Miranda's have also increased the amount of plea bargaining for the guilty or innocent defendant who decides to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid the risk that he or she will be found guilty at trial. Not fully Mirandizing someone has led to evidence of guilty people being thrown out in case.

  • Yes

    Because you do not have to give a statement to anyone if you do not want to. You do not have to say anything to the police if you do not want to. If you can not afford an attorney than one will be appointed to a you for your defense.

  • Mhmmm no it doesn't !

    It does not because they shouldn't have the right to manipulate them into telling the truth. Sometimes they aren't even questioning the right people so there going to get wrong answers. This is unacceptable and cruel because they would be going against there will to tell the truth and it's sad .!

  • Innocent until proven guilty

    Everybody deserves to know their rights. Not everybody had the opportunity to go school and learn what their U.S. Constitutional rights are. We all reserve the right to a fair hearing. I am a second year law student at University at Buffalo, hoping to be a defense attorney upon my graduation.

  • No, they prevent false confessions.

    No, Miranda rights do not favor the guilty, because they serve a very important purpose, to make sure that rights are protected. We have decided that the interests of convicting criminals needs to take a back seat to make sure that false confessions are not used to convict people, and that constitutional rights are protected.

  • Miranda Rights Prevent a Police State

    Miranda rights don't favor one side or another. Miranda rights prevent a police state by giving those arrested a legal recourse to hear their side of the story in court with a lawyer. The right to remain silent and the right to legal representation are unique to American justice. Although guilty parties may have more time to consider their options with Miranda rights, it behooves everyone to mull their legal rights before saying something that might incriminate them whether they are guilty or not.

  • No it does not.

    No, even though someone is being arrested, it does not mean they are not allowed to know their rights. You should not strip someone of something that is there's even though they did something wrong. That is almost like taking advantage of the situation. These are just basic things to know in the first place, many people know them as far as my knowledge goes.

  • No, they are rights everyone has and should have.

    Miranda rights are rights that every suspect has, and it is right that suspect be informed of those rights. I think that it is legitimate that the police are obligated to read this warning and read it properly during every arrest. If they fail to do so and the case gets thrown out, that's bad, but they should have done it right.

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