Do mobile devices hurt (yes) or help (no) the average person?

  • Yes, mobile devices help the average person.

    Mobile devices help the average person in a number of ways. First, they allow them to keep up with people they know. Secondly, mobile devices give the people to do math problems on the go without the need of bringing a calculator with them. Finally, mobile devices allow people to carry a day planner in their pocket because their phone can keep track of everything.

  • They give us convenience.

    Mobile devices help the average person, because they allow us to do so many things. A person that is lost on the highway only needs to plug in their phone in order do find their way. A person in the dark can use their phone as a flashlight. Phones make our lives easier in so many ways.

  • Phones help people

    Phones help people in many ways; phones also hurt people in many ways. Still, phones do more harm than good - allowing people instant access to information anywhere, being able to coordinate and contact others mobiley, and being able to record things around you that are either memorable or that violate the law.

  • No, mobile devices generally are a hindrance overall.

    A lot of people talk about how much their tablets, smart phones, etc. help them in everyday life. However, before they existed, people got along fine. In fact, people were less tethered to one another, and weren't always at others' beck and call. It can be wearying to be so tied in to devices and to other people. The tasks that are done now by tablets and smart phones (like scheduling, calling, etc.) used to be able to be handled by planners, landline phones, etc., and were less demanding on one's time.

  • They help most people.

    Mobile devices do have drawbacks which include fear of missing out syndrome as well as social issues. However, mobile devices greatly help. It's easier to get in touch with other people, to spread messages, and to access information like weather, banking information, and a host of other information as well.

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