Do modern vehicles have too many safety features? (back up cams, lane departure sensors, etc.)

Asked by: onemanitoban
  • Perpetuating our Stupidity

    There are too many people on this planet. There are not enough recourses on this planet to make everyone's life as good as, or better than their parents'. Motorcycle helmet laws, seat belts, and air bags are great ways to save people's lives, but therein lies the problem. There are just too many of us, it should be totally acceptable to drive without seatbelts, or ride motorcycles without helmets. People who are willing to think about how their lives matter, and how their passengers lives matter should use these life saving devices, but people who don't care should not be punished.

  • Why would anyone think this is a bad thing?

    Modern advancements are wonderful. We live in a very fast pace world these days. I would like to think these advancements in cars have helped reduce deaths and accidents. Although it may be making the younger generation a bit more dependent on technology then they should be, that is their parents and teachers responsibilities to teach them to not do that.

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