• Morals Make Social Life Possible

    At a street corner, pedestrians have to know the cars will stop for them. In a
    crowded subway, commuters have to assume they will not be killed in the
    rush for a place in the car. On the school grounds, parents must believe the
    other parents will not encourage cheating, so every child will have an equal
    chance to excel. Morals are not luxuries to be taken out and dusted off for
    religious occasions. Moral behavior is what all humans own one another, as
    anyone can see from the fuss made when some unfortunate person

  • Moral values do have a place in our society.

    Moral values have a place in society as we can act morally in what we do. If everyone acts morally, it will fit in into society which will make society a better place. However, the problem is that we are taught to act unmoral, from parents, peers and from society, people learn and act the same, causing an ongoing loop.

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