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  • Without Morals There Is No Functioning Society

    Morals are the backing to the laws which make society function properly. If there were no morals, the only way people don't break the law is if the penalty is so extremely severe as to make breaking that law not worth it. Most of our laws do NOT provide significant enough penalties, so society would quickly descend into anarchy.

  • Morals are needed for mankind

    No, I think that morals are needed for mankind and do not keep them from not hitting true potential. Every human has true potential, and as long as humans are doing the right thing and living a life with morals I think that is the true way to hit our potential.

  • Morals Keep Humans on the Road to Achievement

    Morals help mankind to achieve its potential. They keep men and women
    from wasting their lives with excess drink and drugs. They keep families
    safe in their homes, so children grow up in peace and security, to achieve their
    life goals. They prevent the spread of diseases that those who have
    indiscriminate sex are susceptible to. Morals are what made people like Louis
    Pasteur and Martin Luther King work for the betterment of all humanity, not
    for themselves alone. Attempting to live a moral life helps anyone achieve his
    or her highest potential.

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ladiesman says2014-05-09T18:55:52.573
Mohawkninja, how do morals inhibit mankind's true potential?