• Immigration encourages job growth

    I chose the picture with the oft-heard phrase "They took our jobs" as it highlights the absurd and often bigotry-fueled and always unresearched assertions that immigrants are taking our jobs.

    Evidence shows that immigration increases the number of jobs. Immigrants are not just workers they are also consumers and entrepreneurs. In fact immigrants are even more likely than natives to start businesses. Through economic activity they create more jobs.

    Immigrants get jobs in sectors where they have a comparative advantage. This leads to more specializing and hence more jobs over time.

    A study down by a conservative group showed that the immigration reform of last year would've created 6 million jobs if passed.


    Anybody who says that more immigrants would take away jobs doesn't read or think.

  • Legal vs. Illegal

    I have no problem with legal immigrants, my issue is with the illegal ones. I am sure legal immigrants do create more jobs but illegal ones don't even pay income tax. For obvious reasons, they can not open a business so how could they create jobs? This means that the only thing they do it take them. Many people say that they only take jobs that U.S. citizens don't want like agriculture, food service and janitorial. Funny thing is, many people in my family work(ed) in all those fields. Because they add to the workforce looking for those jobs increases the supply so it keeps wages of those jobs lower.
    I know, some farmers say they need illegals because to pay citizens a legal wage would increase the cost of food. This was the same excuse the south made to justify slavery. Up here in Wisconsin, we don't have people picking vegetable by hand anymore, we rely on machinery. I am sure people could come up with machinery that would replace the field workers. Doing so would not only reduce the need for illegals but also provide jobs for citizens to design, and build these machines or tractor attachments. Granted, purchasing these machines would be expensive but many farms up here don't own the combines used to harvest their crops, they hire a company that owns the machines. This reduces the cost to change over to mechanized harvesting and speeds harvest times greatly. With this in place, the cost of hiring a company could be less than hiring a group of illegals but even if it cost a bit more, the faster harvest time means less chance of the crop spoiling so it would increase the amount of healthy crop making more money on the sale of the crop. Between the two factors I am pretty sure it would be more profitable for the farms and may even drive the cost of food down because of a larger supply and probably lower cost to harvest.

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