• Learn Better People Skills

    Because people do not have very good conflict resolution skills, they often get into physical fights. These fights often lead to death or injury. If people were better at resolving issues using only words, the fights would be dramatically decreased. When people learn good conflict resolution skills, they are able to resolve issues in more peaceful ways.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe people do need to learn better conflict resolution skills. I think people have a hard time settling problems in a proper manner and this leads to a lot of problems in society. There problem is figuring out how to get these skills to people in the world. Once someone is out of school it is difficult to given vast amounts of the population information on things like conflict resolution.

  • Too much assault.

    Yes, more people need to learn better conflict resolution skills, because there are too many physical confrontations in the world. People need to learn how to go for a walk when they are angry, or count to ten. If we would all do this, there would be less business in criminal courts.

  • Yes they do.

    People need to learn more about conflict resolution skills. I think there should be more emphasis and importance placed on conflict resolution. People need to know how to get along, or express that they disagree without causing an issue. The way things are now most people end up in an argument.

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