• We are all the same

    No matter what people think, Gays are people to. They just have to fight a label that has been embedded into them. Being gay isn't a "sickness", its who some one is. Gays have a right to be who they are with out being labeled so heavily. They could make the say the same about "Straight" people. We are ALL THE SAME SOME OF US JUST DON'T WANT TO BE THE SAME!! Seeing that gays are beat on so much is sick

  • We are who we are.

    It is their right to be who they want to be. If people have problems with that, well they really should re think themselves. Being Gay or Bi isn't the way that they were born, its who they want to be. They have a right to show that. People shouldn't look down on that. Having people all over that hate gays hints the people that said no, it makes people who do ACCEPT gays for who they are hate you more. People say that being gay is a "sickness". Okay well i can say the same thing about being "straight". Being gay shouldn't be a label that is hated on. Hell it shouldn't be a label at all. I think that gays should be able to be who they want even if people can accept that who they are isn't like them!

  • It's their choice

    We don't get to choose who or what we become. Being gay,bi, or any other that fits into this, It makes you who you are. Nothing that people can say or do can change what gay's well think. They are proud of who they are. They don't need a law to tell them who they should be. It is they living RIGHT to be WHO they WANT. If people cant accept them for who they are and get over the face that their are gays out their, then people can see that gays are people to. No one person should be hated for who they are! What if some one hated you for having glassed of walking weird! You would get pissed. Trust me i know

  • Yes, I think most Americans support gay marriage.

    The majority of opinion polling has shown that more then half of Americans support gay marriage, I think the attiude in the nation towards gay marriage has improved dramatically over the past decade and in another decade from now I think it will be accepted by nearly everybody besides a few hold outs.

  • Most Americans support gay marriage.

    We have now reached a point in our society where gay marriage has thankfully become accepted among the general population. After the gains made by the civil rights movement and women's suffrage movement, this has been too long in coming. However, the acceptance has come with more rapid acceleration than either of those earlier movements.

  • Over 50% Support

    According to a Gallup poll on gay marriage last summer, over 50% of the American population supports gay marriage, or at minimum is not against it. I believe there are still people out there that don't seem to understand that peoples rights are being limited by this matter. I think as time passes, support will continue to grow.

  • I'm sure some do

    When it comes to Americans and if they support gay marriage, I think this is split a bit, if not completely down the middle. We are a complete free country and have the right to voice our opinions and feel however we choose. I think some Americans are for it, while some despise the idea.

  • We are equal

    Being gay is not a crime, no one has pure evidence that God is against it, it could just be one mans opinion who wrote it into the bible. One of religious morals is to treat others how you would like to be treated, not allowing someone to be who they are and to marry would be very hurtful to receive, think how you would feel if you weren't allowed to marry the one you love.

  • Fair is Fair

    People should be free to marry who they want, and their choice doesn't affect anyone else's choices in life. Gay couples should pay the same taxes as hetero couples, and should be subject to divorce just like hetero couples are, should be free to raise families together and should be able to rely on Social Security benefits, retirement benefits, medical benefits, etc. Equality to all, and nothing less.

  • It is unnatural

    First off God said in the bible the it is wrong! AMERICA was based off of freedom of religion, but not freedom to be gay. If I can no longer speak my mind with out getting in trouble for offending someone, then no one should have the right to change what this country was based on.

  • No, Most Americans do not Support It

    Compared to a decade ago, I think there are more Americans who are comfortable with the idea of same-sex marriage, but I still believe that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. To me, that's the same as saying that two people should only get married to procreate. If you decide against procreating, does that make your marriage invalid? People should be allowed to love whomever they love and commit to that person legally, socially and spiritually. Often individuals associate being gay with promiscuity - well I do believe that marriage is a demonstration of commitment to one person sexually. It is essentially not our place as human beings to tell others who they should or should not love, and that also rings true for marriage. Unfortunately, I don't think Americans are really ready to accept and support gay marriage.

  • Most Americans Oppose It

    I think most American oppose gay marriage. If they supported it, gay marriage would be legal in more states. Many people are still old fashion and against it, or oppose it because their religion considers it as a sin. Many are also in fear of what else could be passed if we let gays get married.

  • No, most Americans are against gay marriage.

    The possibly only group that supports gay marriage are the friends and family members who know gay couples that are committed and realize they are just about like every other couple that is married. Perhaps some individuals who are interested in ethics and law are also pro gay marriage because they realize there is no fundamental reason to exclude gays from marrying each other. Those two groups alone considered, there is a majority of Americans against gay marriage, and the influence of supposed biblical warnings against it hold most of them captive. Most people do not change their belief systems unless in some way forced to. I'm thinking that gays will continue to have difficulties much as black people did until the courts stepped in and upheld their rights.

  • No gay marriage

    No, I personally do not think that most American support gay marriage. The majority of America is heterosexual and supports the idea of homosexuality, just not the idea that those two individual should be married. Marriage is between a man and a woman, always has been and always should be. There should be no change in this.

  • Mental problem FAG

    Lack of tesestrone causes men to stick carrots up there shit hole, which is disgusting ,and they offend many Religions, and are cowards who confuse children with the right way that God made just is why Russia is putting up concentration camps for Fags which is excessive because they have mental problem FAGGOT

  • Mental problem FAG

    Lack of tesestrone causes men to stick carrots up there shit hole, which is disgusting ,and they offend many Religions, and are cowards who confuse children with the right way that God made just is why Russia is putting up concentration camps for Fags which is excessive because they have mental problem FAGGOT

  • What's it's about

    The biggest problem of this debate as in nearly all politics today is emotion taking over clear thinking & considering facts. Running on emotion, especially intense ones does not bring one down the right path. Another is having something drummed in until it's a reflex reply and never taken into consideration. We should all honestly consider if we are following the crowd and replying to all points of this issues on emotion or drummed in reflex.
    It is not about them being human. Of course they are. What it is about is whether or not it is good for America. Never forget that America society as any country is built on families. I know the common response, "But they said that children come out more socially adjusted from gay families." More socially adjusted to accepting gay marriage is what they found. If you were to have no opinion about something & there was years upon years of research said one thing vs. A new bias source what would you say?
    Children from same-sex families (Not just parents but extended family members who are same-sex or promoting of it) have even come foward to speak our aginst it despite the backlash from their family & friends.
    This whole dente has been run on emotion & manipulated emotions rather than facts. I don't ask anyone to change their minds but to research the other side without the emotion driven scramble.
    Just one last thing, if we leaglise gay marriage why not incest. Are they not human too?
    Was the response that popped into your head a reflex response?

  • Gay marriage is a farce.

    The whole purpose of marriage is to create the optimal care and support for children, with their biological mother and father. Children raised in a healthy environment are the foundation for a healthy society. Children raised by two men or two women are missing a vital component, exposure to both a male and female parent.

  • Same Sex Unions are Unnatural

    The fact that same-sex unions are unsustainable is evidence that it is unnatural and should be avoided. To carry it to its purest form, if all couples were faithfully same-sex, society would only last one generation. This is the undeniable fact which demonstrates that same-sex unions are unnatural. Unnatural sexual behaviors should not be practiced and carry natural consequences. Society should not have to condone sexual practices that are not natural. It should avoid encouraging sexual relations of any kind outside of marriage between a man and a woman. This upsets all of us who want to act on our sexual feelings but not every feeling should be satisfied. There are many types of sexual activities which should be avoided not just same-sex sexual activity. Thank you.

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