Do most Americans support marijuana legalization?

  • Yes they do.

    Most Americans support the legalization of pot. The reason why in most states the bill to legalize pot is not being passes is because the majority of people who support it do not vote. If there was a 100% turn out for voting, pot would be legalized in all of the states.

  • Majority of Americans Support Recreational Use

    A majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Washington and Colorado are the great experiments in moving forward--how these states handle legal marijuana will serve as precedents for the other 48. I see the other states also legalizing marijuana if the federal government doesn't do so first. If Colorado and Washington are successful, the other dominoes will fall.

  • Most Americans do support marijuana legalization.

    Most Americans do support marijuana legalization. Even though many Americans have not smoked weed or plan to smoke it, they believe that the droves of cops sent to arrest people for weed is not beneficial. If marijuana were to be legalized, those cops can do more important things like arresting actual criminals.

  • Polling Data Reveals This

    Franz in "No" has an idealistic conception of democracy that once the majority wants something the representatives all immediately scramble to put it into law. That is not the case.
    Polls have already shown that now a majority, a slim majority supports it. There's just too many special interests in Washington so they ignore the majority.

  • Most Support Marijuana Legalization

    In 2012 there are a lot of people that smoke marijuana and are for its legalization. There are even people who do not smoke and feel it should be legalized because they notice the revenue it can bring in for states and the government. The reason it is not legalized is because many people do not vote.

  • Americans Don't Support Legal Weed

    A majority of Americans are actually against marijuana legalization. Polls that say otherwise tend to have flaws in their samples. Undoubtedly, most Americans would rather see marijuana remaining an illegal drug since it does have negative consequences associated with its use. Pllus, marijuana can have lasting health effects on people.

  • No most do not

    Most Americans do not support the legalization of marijuana. There is a large number of people who do and the reason it may seem like more is that they are the one's making all the noise and push for legalization. There may be enough people in America who don't care either way that it could be legalized one day.

  • NO

    Most Americans do no support marijuana legalization mostly because it is a drug. Drugs are not generally socially acceptable in our society because many health textbooks discourage them. I feel that if our own education is discouraging marijuana, then most Americans would not support it being legalized. In fact, most states do not have it legalized and that means more people have not voted for it.

  • Giving up?

    We have dealt with bigger problems as a society. It's a cop out to say, "It can raise revenue," or "Its too hard to control." The key is to try to have people do something productive in their life. If legalizing it is so right, then how come former users don't want people taking it?

  • Of Course They Don't

    This isn't in reference to my personal opinion about whether marijuana should be legalized. Instead, this references the fact that the majority of Americans prefer that marijuana were illegal. If this weren't the case, then marijuana would be legal. The fact is that laws aren't made to control the majority. They're made to reflect how the majority prefers to live.

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