• The Tortoise of Business

    There is always a resistance of change in a business setting, it is mainly because if a company is making profits, why would they need to change anything they are doing. This causes a lot of compaines to train their workers to hold on to old true proven ways rather than challenging the new.

  • not at all

    No, a place that is up and running right now here in the USA can adapt to a change really quick, and they are good about getting right back on the schedule that they was on and not having a big shift in the amount of money that they make.

  • No, I don't think businesses adapt too slowly to change.

    Businesses need to constantly be profitable or they run into problems so they are often the quickest to adapt to a changing environment because they will go out of business if they don't, the larger of a business you are the slower you are to change but most businesses are smart enough to quickly adapt to any changes.

  • They want to profit.

    No, business do not adapt too slowly to change, because they want to adapt quickly in order to make a profit. Business also don't want to quickly jump on a bandwagon if it's not going to be something that ultimately makes a difference and helps them profit. They need to be a little bit cautious, but they do respond to change.

  • Successful businesses will always adapt to change

    In the business world, it is necessary to adapt to changing conditions. Some businesses remain hidebound and stuck in old ways of thinking, but these businesses inevitably fail; sometimes entire industries become trapped in this way of thinking. However, successful businesses will always find ways to adapt to new circumstances.

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