• A common sentiment among US Muslims.

    Muslim Americans mostly sympathize with terrorism even though they would not take part in it themselves. Because America has Israel as an ally, Muslims see this as America not really being on their side. So many people who have Islam as their religion secretly side with terrorists because the terrorists are against Israel.

  • So many idiotic answers

    To all the Muslims jumping in to say "Not all Muslim are terrorists" THAT'S NOT THE QUESTION. The question is DO THEY SYMPATHIZE with terrorism. If you don't understand what the word sympathize means go look it up. Basically it means DO YOU AGREE OR AT LEAST UNDERSTAND where terrorists are coming from? Do you think they are JUSTIFIED? The answer isn't going to be found here- it's a complicated answer from millions of Muslims who can't be quantified by an online vote or debate.

  • Just read some of the ridiculous things on the no side

    If you read some of the crazy arguments on the "no" side of this poll you'll see how violent and radical even the so-called peaceful Muslims are. They have an opportunity here, in an anonymous poll to show their sense of peace and love of man-kind and instead they lash out against Christians, Jews and "zionists." It's ridiculous. Even if they aren't completely aligned with terrorist thought now, if they think of America and Israel as terrorists it's only a matter of time until they believe that Islamic terrorist attacks are justified.

  • I am Muslim and American

    We feel awful about what happened on 9/11 and in the Boston marathon bombings. Some of us, Muslim Americans died on 9/11. Our religion promotes peace and kindness. We don't support terrorism and we think it's wrong. The people you should worry about are the Zionists, crazy Christians and gangsters who cause more problems in America and around the world than we do. Go after the terrorists, the bombers and the killers but leave the rest of us alone.

  • Such statement lacks backing

    Islam. By teaching, is a religion of peace, similar to the other two main monotheistic religions: Judaism, and Christianity. A religion is difficult to judge based on how its followers act: rather, it should be judged as its books say they should act.

    If you look at the past of one of these religions, for example Christianity, it can be seen that how people of such faith have acted could have been considered terrorism. For example, Northern/Southern Ireland conflict. Also, the Spanish Inquisition, in which many were tourtured, and forcefully converted.

    In the present, we disregard such since it was the past. It is understood that the Christian books do not endorse such behavior, and some people acted out of line. The same logic should now be used when referring to Islam.

    Islam is the youngest of said religions, and this can be seen as a temporary phase. In such phase, a minority of so called Muslims believe (against their teachings) that all other religions must be eliminated. This will subside as education increases in areas where such ideas take root.

    Muslims were effected with extreme proportions after such terrorist attacks. They were also killed, and persecuted. Believing that they sympathize with terrorism is an idea that not only lacks backing, but simply makes no sense.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe Muslim Americans sympathize with terrorism. I think this is somewhat stereotypical of how the majority of Americans view Muslims, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Muslim Americans are just like you, my friend. They don't want to be blown up by some religious extremist. It would be like asking a Christian if the supported the Christian Crusades.

  • Most Muslims Armericans are not terrorism

    No, I do not believe that most Muslim American sympathize with terrorism. All Muslim Americans are not terrorist and all terrorist are not Muslims. It is sad that these simple terms are so interchangeable in today's times. Furthermore, people that share the same religion do not necessarily have the same views on what is right and wrong.

  • No, everyone is different.

    No, I don't think that most Muslims sympathize with terrorism. The Muslims that I have meet have talked about terrorism as a bad thing and how some of their family members have been effected by it. Just because a person has a Muslim background doesn't mean that they automatically sympathize with terrorism.

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