• Yes, Obamacare the Medicaid expansion have provided easier access.

    Yes, a majority of people in the U.S. have health care access now due to Obamacare and the Medicaid expansion. People who are very low income can get Medicaid, and people over that threshold can get discounted health insurance through the health care exchanges. Many communities also offer free clinic services for the uninsured.

  • Most people do have access.

    I feel that most people in the United States have adequate access to health care. Most businesses provide health care to their employees, though these rates are not cheap. Even though unemployment is extremely high right now, I feel that majority have access or a means to receive the health care they need. Though, as always, there are a few special cases.

  • Yes, most people in the US have access to health care

    Most people in the United States do have adequate access to health care. There are many free clinics across the country as well as many hospitals who accept patients with limited resources. Local health departments can assist patients in finding medical care options and social workers are on staff at hospitals to also help with this. Veterans Hospitals are available to care for veterans from the armed forces. While there are probably rural areas where resources are limited, most people should have access to health care.

  • United States have adequate access to health care

    I think most people in the United States have adequate access to health care today because of the new laws that have been passed so that people need to have it. I do not agree with making people get health care that cannot afford it I think if you work your job should be responsible for providing your heath care.

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