• Most TV programs teach bad behavior.

    Most TV programs glorify sex and violence. TV networks only care about making money, so they show sensationalist programs to shock and arouse people. There is no money in teaching people how to act morally. Unfortunately, television is not a good teacher for our children. We should not let kids watch so much TV.

  • Absolutely- It needs to end

    Multiple times, when I'm watching Disney with my little cousins, I GASP at what they're teaching these kids! Disney is supposed to be cute, not teach that you can't be happy without a boy/girlfriend, set stereotypical beliefs in kids' minds, and teach them bad behavior! It's appalling at what producers put on TV just to get views.

  • They sure do

    Americas next top model, for a long time, made me self conscious about my weight. I am sure teenagers have felt the same way while watching this show. Family guy has a lot of violence. Stewie tries to kill louis in almost every episode and peter slaps louis from time to time. I like these shows...But they teach kids the wrong things

  • I Don't know

    Most of tv programs is not always teach a bad things, there are good things inside a program of tv, maybe there are a bad things too, and that is not a little, there are so much a bad things and good things too. What we doing now is filtering and choose a tv programs, don't watch a tv program anything

  • Tv is good

    There are plenty of good shows on TV that promote good behavior. If you watch good shows you get good behavior. Most shows do not teach bad behavior. Most tv programs do not teach bad behavior. TV teaches us lots of stuff, how to face problems. TV is a good sources of information that is not always bad

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