Do movie companies need to do more to protect their content from hackers?

  • Yes as the hackers are robbing them of their profits

    Yes as the more movie companies that get hacked constantly from on line or from other sources are losing out of profits that they should be making for their finished product. Films & Movies cost millions or even billions to create in the first place so the money they make out of the public afterwards pays them back with hopefully profits on top. So hackers could even in some cases upset the balance of the money that the movie companies need to pay off in the first place.

  • Yes, they do.

    I know many people that haven't been to a movie theater in years because they illegally stream on new movies on the Internet. This practice has become so widespread that people begin to forget how wrong it is. If no one pays then profits will dry up and no one will produce new content which would be a travesty

  • No, movie companies do not need to do more to protect their content from hackers.

    Movie companies are not really overly concerned with hackers. They have greater ability to protect their content from hackers and have chosen not to do so, indicating that it is not a high priority for them. With the advent of internet streaming and such easy access to content these days, certain amounts of hacking of movie content just amount to free advertising for a movie.

  • No, they do not.

    Great films are better when viewed on a large screen, and there is a certain charm in going to the movie theater. If hackers get a movie out in the open it will generate free advertisement for that specific movie, and help increase the attendance of said movie in the cinemas.

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