• Yes, movie ratings are accurate.

    I think that movie ratings do reflect their content. While some of the material and contents in films have gotten a little more intense, for the most part, the rating system is still pretty accurate. I think it gives parents a good system in which to decipher if their children should watch a film.

  • Yes, I think movie ratings accurately reflect their content.

    Overall I think the ratings agencies do a good job in describing what potential violence or nudity is going to be displayed in the movie, I think they have to be as accurate as possible otherwise parents would get very upset if their child saw a movie with excessive violence or nudity that was not rated correctly.

  • Yes, if moviegoers read the fine print

    Movie ratings reflect film content, provided moviegoers pay attention
    to the small print. The Letters G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17 are good general
    guides. A young child does not belong in an NC-17 film, for example. However,
    film-goers need more specific information, and the explanations that accompany
    ratings provide them. Notations like Strong Brutal Violence, Pervasive Language,
    Strong Sexual Content, and Drug Material give people a better idea what to expect,
    and what to avoid. A film with Strong Sexual Content is a poor choice for a first date,
    obviously, even for two mature adults.

  • Movie ratings are subverted intentionally.

    The idea that a PG-13 movie is appropriate for only those over the age of 13 is ineffective. This would relate to the differences within the audience, and the differences between the movie producers. The audience can vary in maturity well beyond standard limits. What's appropriate for their child should really be up to the parents, and what they want them exposed to. What the ratings system deems inappropriate is often disguised under seemingly appropriate situations. Final analysis is that the ratings system is a decent guideline, but parents should use discretion.

  • No They Don't

    I do not feel that movie ratings accurately reflect their content. I think the lines between ratings is impossible to fully draw and I think the MPAA often over utilizes their powers to pressure those seeking ratings for their films. I think we could do without this system but some people prefer having a general guideline rather than nothing at all, so now we use this broken system.

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