Do movie stars and professional athletes get paid too much?

  • Bread and Circus are working in America.

    NFL player paycheck: $2.4M per game, 19 games per season excluding playoffs
    Doctors paycheck: $100000 per year
    Military paycheck: $185000 per 10 years

    Who's to blame for this income inequality? It's the millions of sports and movies fanatics who are willing to pay tons of money to watch movies in cinemas or sports events in stadia. These fanatics eventually feed those actors and athletes with their own hard earned money. With the obsession comes the ignorance. Americans know more about their favourite players in the NBA than about Vice President. The stadia in the States have an eerie resemblance with the Colosseum in Rome. Juvenal has warned us about how bread and circuses can destroy a nation from within; apparently Americans ignored the warning and continued to indulge into the world of sports and entertainment.

    Give them bread and circuses, and they will never revolt. Eventually people turned blind eyes and blind HEARTS to the decaying state of their country.

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  • They are rewarded too much.

    Athletes and actors are paid too much because they get paid millions of dollars just to play a game or be recorded. They will be rewarded just because people like to see them play or play a role in a movie or show. I hope who ever reads 100% agrees with me.

  • Pay for importance

    Stars who entertain or athletes do not make much difference in our lives. On the contrary doctors scientists do, likewise manual workers who build houses , bridges are important too! They have a right to the share of wealth. A fire fighter who saved you is more important than a movie star who sells a insidious cold drink on TV.

  • Spread the wealth

    Movie stars and professional athletes are in such a ridiculous high income bracket for doing what is, by all means, an extremely minor amount of work, and they are given leeway for being in the public eye, which certainly isn't their fault or even that of the general public, many of which who can't be bothered to follow tabloid culture.

  • Yes they do

    Everyone has a right to make money for their services but athletes and actors get too much. The major issue is their salaries are increasing every year and it is at a rate that is well above any normal possession's pay raise. So the difference is growing more and more each year.

  • Yes they do.

    I do think that movie stars and professional athletes get paid too much. I think that it would be much better for society if this income was distributed more equally among workers. I think that there should be some sort of income cap, and the rest of the money should go to workers and people who are poor.

  • Yes, movie stars and professional athletes get paid too much.

    Professional athletes get paid to much money. They are not worth their salaries in most cases. Movie stars are even worse than that. They get famous because of being in popular movies. I could be a movie star if someone put me in a random movie. It has nothing to do with talent.

  • They become greedy

    I do feel movies stars and pro athletes get paid a bit too much for what they do. Movie stars, especially. I feel after a while, they become more and more greedy, and begin to only care about the money they make. I think athletes are completely different ball game.

  • Yes they do.

    Athletes and movie stars get paid way too much, and they do not even use half that money that they obtain, it is silly and probably adds to our bad economic state. We should not pay anyone as much as we pay them, they do not really need that money and it would be better of used elsewhere.

  • No, they are not overpaid.

    Being a professional athlete is serious hard work. The physical conditioning is rigorous to say the least, the amount of games played clearly takes its toll on the human body, and the pressure to perform( skill development/job competition), along with being subjected to the media and public scrutiny, can be extremely taxing in terms of mental health (that's one reason why ego mania is prevelant in those industries).
    Acting is hard work as well. Memorizing lines, researching characters/character traits, changing ones appearance, meeting the demands of directors, skill development/job competition, media and public scrutiny, plus dealing with the whole "Hollywood" culture... I think both professions look and sound "glamorous" but we don't see the work that goes on behind "behind the scenes", nor do we consider the mental health toll (that's one readon why drug addiction is prevelant in those industries.)
    But the main reason they don't get paid too much is because movies and sports produce billions of dollars, and it would be a gross injustice to not pay actors and athletes accordingly. I agree that teachers, counselors, social workers, scientists, and people who work in social institutions for children, families, and the eldetly should get paid 3-4 times the amount they make, but that's not the fault of athletes and actors...That's a societal value/ governmental spending issue...

  • No. I do not believe movie stars and professional athletes get paid too much.

    No. I do not believe movie stars and professional athletes get paid too much, because there are very few people who can do what they can do. Being a movie star, or professional athlete is a career just like any other. If you have the skill, or talent deserve every cent of what your profession pays.

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