• Many girls have unrealistic expectations

    (This can also depend on how someone is raised) But for the most part, Disney movies have shown girls that they have to have a husband. They are in charge of doing the chores while the man goes out on glorious trips. They always portray the women as an accessory. I am glad that now-a-days they have started progressing (Princess and the Frog, Brave). But the damage has already been done to the girls of my generation.

  • I wouldn't think so it depends on age and what they are exposed to

    As a kid movies never "brain-washed" me. I don't feel that I have to have a husband, but being 16 now I realize that later on in the future companionship would be nice. I remember being little and watching movies because they were funny or because they made me happy. They didn't give me false expectations, mostly because I had a very good upbringing and I wasn't that gullible. However, it would be nice to have a prince pick me up on a beautiful horse and carry me away to a beautiful castle. Obviously that wouldn't ever happen, but a girl can dream can't she?

  • It depends on us!

    I think, everything related to children, is totally dependent on their parents. Because, until the children reach adulthood, they are completely dependent on their parents. So parents are responsible for children and their action. I can say that when I was little, my parents always control what I am and my brother watch on TV. Usually they not allowed us to watch films which contain violence and scenes for adults. So if somebody think ,that movies ,brainwash children, he really err. We can control everything that concerns education of our children. Including films)

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