• Much of what we learn we learn from watching TV

    I think being shot with a gun is much more debilitating than is portrayed on TV. On TV only the bad person goes down and dies on TV. The good guy keeps on fighting and walks away after being shot. Therefore, TV does not portray being shot accurately and this is what kids take away from TV.

  • Violence in Media

    Yes, whether we realise it or not violence in media overtime conditions us to have a negative outlook on the world. We think that the world is a horrible and scary place with murders and guns everywhere so in turn we think we need to protect ourselves. When in reality these issues are blown out of proportion. Studies have shown that crime rates have dropped since the early 2000s yet more and more people see violence on television, movies and in video games that they think everything around them is a threat.

  • Violence in movies

    Because theirs guns, knifes, blood, beating up people, crashing cars, weapons, Karate Kid, Michael, Trever, Franklin (from GTA 5), explosives, trucks driving really fast, kids spitting on there parents, family violence, insest, bullying, 911, beating children, suicide, breaking into cars and other vehicles, sex, boom boom pow mate such my....

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  • Violence it is

    There are uncountable violent video games in the society which can cause violent change of characteristics of children. Why should movies be different? Many show violent actions not adequate for children who will do their most to watch the interesting-looking movie. Some young ones cannot help but contain the urge to try the same thing happened in the movie.

  • Movies cause violence in society

    Yes, I think that movies are causing violence in society as people are thinking that movies are real and not thinking about consequences. Movies are getting more violent it seems and people are thinking about replicating the violence that they see in movies in real life, which is why there is more violence.

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  • Movies Do Not cause violence in society

    Movies are created behind a particular topic whether it is to entertain you or inform you about happenings. They don't in particular 'cause violence in society', Based on how your mind decides to take the acts portrayed in those movies is your own choice there are ratings put there for a reason. If your brain chooses to take that act of violence shown in the movie as inspiring to how you choose to act it would be easily prefer you don't watch it.

  • I dont think they do

    Its all about the person watching the movie and their mindset not the movie itself. Take deadpool for an example it was a R rated movie but it didnt make people want to go and hurt other people. You cant make a war movie without violence so violence in movies doesnt make people violent its the person themselves

  • Movies and violence.

    Movies are a form of art that depict several scenarios in life. Violence is a part of life and people with violent intentions will carry out their deeds without any relation to movies. Criminals do not necessarily watch movies in cinemas to act violent in the society. Movies aren't related to violence and this untrue belief is creating unrest in the society.Even newspapers depict violence,should they be also banned???

  • It dose not affect people

    Some people are naturally evil and whether its the movie or video game or the evilness of the person people are going to kill steal or whatever people have been doing it before electricity itself so how can we blame tv when some people are just screwed up thank you

  • I don't think so

    Depends on the person I think. Government introduced the rating system to reduce the violence caused in films that affects the youth. Parents should take care of their children and shouldn't be expose such violence in young age. Although it is true it can cause violent behaviour its just short term while video games and news can cause more violent behaviour than movies. If violence is necessary in films, then it's necessary to portray (for e.g. you can't depict war movies if there isn't any blood). Cinema is an art and like any art like poetry, novel, painting etc. it has its ups and downs. There are several paintings that contain nudity of women. Would you say they're condoning women as sexual objects? Overall I think movies doesn't condone violence

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  • No it doesnt

    Laboratory experiments in psychology find that media violence increases aggression in the short run. We analyze whether media violence affects violent crime in the field. We exploit variation in the violence of blockbuster movies from 1995 to 2004, and study the effect on same-day assaults. We find that violent crime decreases on days with larger theater audiences for violent movies. The effect is partly due to voluntary incapacitation: between 6PM and 12AM, a one million increase in the audience for violent movies reduces violent crime by 1.1 to 1.3 percent. After exposure to the movie, between 12AM and 6AM, violent crime is reduced by an even larger percent. This finding is explained by the self-selection of violent individuals into violent movie attendance, leading to a substitution away from more volatile activities. In particular, movie attendance appears to reduce alcohol consumption. Like the laboratory experiments, we find indirect evidence that movie violence increases violent crime; however, this effect is dominated by the reduction in crime induced by a substitution away from more dangerous activities. Overall, our estimates suggest that in the short-run violent movies deter almost 1,000 assaults on an average weekend. While our design does not allow us to estimate long-run effects, we find no evidence of medium-run effects up to three weeks after initial exposure.

  • Crime has existed long before modern entertainment

    People seem to forget that, humans have existed for thousands of years, TV/Movies/Video games are all relatively new technologies that have only recently been created, movies have existed for a little over a century.

    Violence occurs because people choose to do it, they choose to commit a crime/kill some one hurt some one. Some movies, games, TV show, plays, Books dramatize this in different ways.

    History is full of good and bad things, all done by humans like us, if we do not teach people about both the good and the bad, people will never stop repeating them. Violence is a fact of life, if it was not and we were all perfect there would be no need for a police force or the army, sad truth is people are not perfect never will be.

  • Movies do not cause violence in society

    Saying that movies causes violence in society is like saying that TV or video games causes violence in society. This is completely untrue, the real problem are the people that commit violence because they choose to do so. They realize what they are doing and it should not be blamed on something like a fake showing of a crime in a movie. Think about this, if movies caused crime in society then more people would be committing crimes.

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