Do movies really penetrate the deepest corners of one's soul?

  • Movies are 'art'; art is designed to do just that.

    Art is, at it's most basic level, supposed to be a work that, in whatever format it takes, stirs human emotion and thought, and causes introspection with relation to what the individual viewing this 'artwork' sees to be the cornerstone of the artwork's 'point' or 'nature'.

    A lot of movies fall far short of this, and are little more than mildly-to-moderately entertaining, or even completely boring failures, and mere caricatures of 'proper' art (elitist though that may sound). For example, I don't think anyone could non-ironically point to, say, 'House of the Dead' or 'Son of The Mask' as 'deep, emotionally penetrating' movies.

    However, a lot other movies really do speak to deep, universal parts of the human condition in such a way as to truly be 'art'. For example, End of Evangelion speaks to the unique human element of loneliness and the 'dangers' of reaching out to others, as well as being about giant horror-aliens and 'robots'. Shutter Island, The Great Gatsby, Requiem For a Dream, and Looper, just for random examples, likewise all have their own unique themes that are represented in such a way as to cause introspection as to those core ideas and themes. They 'speak' to universal human emotional themes in such a way as to be 'works of art' in film format.

  • Yes, they possibly can.

    As most things, it depends upon the subject matter, the artist making the movie, the way the subject matter is portrayed, and lastly, your individual ability to process and absorb information on a multi depth level. If a person in single dimensional, which many Americans are, let's be honest, they may watch the same film, read the same book, or look at the same painting and never be moved or understand the breadth and depth of its beauty and message. For example, I love art history and did a project on the transformation of Van Gogh. As I worked on his life and background and really began to understand his struggle through painting, I began to cry every time I saw Starry Night. Then many pieces of art moved me to such emotion. Art, music, film, sculpture, novels....They are all forms of expression to 'move' one to the depths of our own emotions. If they don't, then maybe you are guarded or afraid to relate to the human condition.

  • MOvies actually do not penetrate the deepest corners of one's soul.......They just entertain and no way penetrate the soul

    The definition of a hit movie is that it touches people's heart and soul....But what about movies like Chennai Express which are mindless charades of senseless humour whicch actually does not teach people anything. Penetration by movies would go to an extent that someone changes their whole psyche and just become something else.Lose our own individuality

  • Movies Are Entertainment

    I do not believe movies naturally penetrate to the deepest corners of ones soul. Having directed a few shorts, I certainly hope I haven't damaged any ones soul. Movies are primarily created for entertainment. They may have a moral at the end or they may elicit you to think about a topic more, but they are not intended to delve that far in.

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