• Not every type of society is perfect.

    Multiculturalism is by far flawed, but so is segregation. What, you want us to go back to the Jim Crow days where it was "separate but equal?" I don't- especially since I'm a POC. Segregation had very negative effects on both whites and blacks: it made whites think they were superior and were entitled to treat those different with disdain and it gave blacks and inferiority complex. If segregation were the solution, why did blacks (and even some whites) campaign for integration? Multicultralism isn't perfect but it had it's advantages: it allows us to know others cultures and traditions, it makes us less ignorant and it makes society more interesting than if we were all just the same. Of course it has it's disadvantages but these are mainly due to the bias and stubborness of the human heart. Some people just cannot accept that other people are different or think that their culture is superior to the anothers.

    So in conclusion, I will say that multiculturalism does work but this does not mean that it is flawless. Of course there are some challenges to tackle but if it indeed did not work, there would be a counter Martin Luther King Jr. Campaigning for segregation.

  • Significance of Diversity:

    Although I would admittedly partially agree with the opposing argument, it is good for multicultural societies to exist. In general, it seems that places with more than one race and / or religion tend to have citizens who are more Liberal in mindset, whereas places - as the opposer states - like Northern New England are more Conservative. People are more open-minded to change and improvement when they are exposed to more than one way of thinking. It shows people that not everybody is exactly the same. It is similar to the idea of school: We are taught multiple subjects in order to be well-rounded individuals and know how to push through certain obstacles in life; likewise, knowing how different people work is a good way to influence those around you in order to obtain a personal desire.

  • In theory, they're perfect and work flawlessly. But in reality they simply don't work

    The United States has been for a quite a while called the melting pot of many different cultures, a country where people of many different faiths, races, beliefs and cultures come together and live in harmony.
    Of course, that's what we want to believe because it just sounds so wonderful and perfect in our heads.
    But people naturally do not get along with people who are the same. Let's face it, would you rather live in a neighborhood with people who share the same religion, same morals, same ethnic origins, same habits and beliefs as you where the chances you getting along with everyone else is more than likely guaranteed due to said similarities?
    Or live in a society where everyone is different than you, opposes your beliefs and opinions on certain subjects, has a different religion (or lack thereof) and does not share the same morals and attitudes as you? I think the answer is quite obvious.
    When there are so many people of so many backgrounds, it kills the one identity that should be assigned to a citizen of the US.
    By dividing ourselves as Mexican Americans, African Americans, Caucasian Americans, Asian Americans, Catholic Americans, Protestant Americans, Polish American and so on.. We're causing a de facto segregation and separating ourselves while convincing one another that this is for the greater good of the country because diversity is key.
    Americans should be Americans, share the same morals, same values, and same patriotism. That creates a unique American personality that encourages the advancement of the country instead of advancing the group that you belong to.
    Look at New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Three New England states. All three of them are usually at the top 5 for safety, crime, income and so on. Why is that?
    Everyone there is White.
    Everyone there is a proud American
    Everyone there is Democrat
    Everyone there is Irreligious
    What reason do people in New England have to wreak havoc and violence upon each other? They're all the same people who share the same values and morals as the rest, they're compatible and perfect.
    Now look at California, New York and Texas, usually considered the epitome of diversity and multiculturalism in the U.S. Crime rates there are high as can be, usually race related, so many people of conflicting religious beliefs, they simply do not get along with each other. From what I've seen in Texas through experience, Hispanics pretend to be kind around other races but talk crap about them behind their backs. Blacks do the same, and blame everyone else for their problems and Christian Whites will pretend to be nice to everyone who is not Protestant but will once again talk bad behind their back.

    Once more: In theory, multiculturalism and diversity are wonderful and just what the world needs. But basic human behavior prevents it from being so. We simply need to be around people who are just like us.

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