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Do multiple generations in a workplace setting make for a more controlled and productive atmosphere?

  • Old People, Young People - Together for a Better Workplace

    In the work place diversity should be represented. The wisdom of the aged, the energy of the youth and the plan of middle age help make a flexible work place with lots of perspectives to answer the challenges of business. The less stress, the less anxiety at the workplace the better the wisdom of generations will make it more productive.

  • Yes, we learn from each other.

    Yes, multiple generations in a workplace setting does make for a more controlled and productive atmosphere. I have gotten some the best information from older and younger people in the workplace. It creates the diversity that every company need to make it strong and more accessible to all people of all ages.

  • Yes it does.

    Multiple generations in the workplace do make a more controlled and productive atmosphere. The gap in generations in the workplace makes it to where the people don't understand the other generations and their way of thinking. This would lead to less horse play and more production with the workplace atmosphere.

  • Multiple generations in a workplace can sometimes cause problems.

    Multiple generations in a workplace has its benefits, and problems. Having a diverse workforce allows for direct input which services a diverse population. However, if the target population is a certain age group, this is no longer a beneficial trait. Employing college graduates often puts them in supervisory positions over someone older than them. This could also create workplace conflict. There is no positive answer to whether having age diversification is beneficial. What is known is that people of the same age group are less likely to have conflict.

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